Motocyclist’s Head Gets Turned Into Bloody Stump

What the… where did his head go? Did he get hit so hard that his head was pounded into his stomach? That would be quite interesting to see.

Given the trauma to the head/neck area and the pieces of him ripped and stuck to the motorcycle, I don’t think a helmet would have helped him survive this accident. Call me a pessimist ?

Thanks, @mrspink. Merry Gore to all! And to all a good fright!

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8 thoughts on “Motocyclist’s Head Gets Turned Into Bloody Stump

  1. Before the fall he was smart enough in retracting his head within his shoulders but what about the shoes ?
    Now they are going on their own as they are free of the bondages.
    I think they are headed to where the biker used to live to sit comfortably unseen under the bed .

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