Man Loses His Head on the Tracks

The Train God has demanded yet more blood! This willing (or maybe unwilling) sacrifice had laid his neck on the track and waited… waited for the Train God to shake the earth and roar It’s arrival. Then, the head cut clean from the body, the Train God roars away into the distance. Satisfied… for now.

Thank you to Pinky!

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19 thoughts on “Man Loses His Head on the Tracks

  1. Why choose trains all the times this miserable dude could have paid a visit to SYRIA and requested ISIS to do the needful or better still tied up a dynamite and blown his neck to smithereens .
    At a first glance I thought he is one of the mechanic from the rail yard checking for loosened up nuts and bolts but he proved me wrong outright.

  2. A cargo train goes by in the distance here as I construct this.

    Weight for it! ๐Ÿ˜†

    Apparently, the Train God is not a fan of gore, at least in the form of mess this time. I enjoyed just how thorough the job was done to ensure such cleanliness. I think that was a bit OCD, though.

  3. This cant be in India… the camera guy didnt pointed his camera to his face… ๐Ÿ˜†

    But at least the guy that killed himself had that sole purpose of dying fast, and not just suffering with it by letting the train cut though his lower torso… At least he managed to use his brain one last time… ๐Ÿ˜›

    • @lucy Ha ha.

      You’ll have to tune in one day when I play. Then you can abuse me in chat and I can time you out for 600 seconds (Kappa) (tonkMUPPET) (veldWUT). And, believe it or not, veldWUT emote is……wait for it…..BEAKER!!! ???

      I’ll even make you a moderator. How’s that?

  4. Wish I knew WTH you are saying…. just what ANOTHER site needs, a moderator who doesn’t know what she is doing…. **discreetly checks face for acne scars**

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