Jiggers Removed From Child’s Foot

Jiggers Removed From Child's Foot

Happy Monday everybody! Today we’re looking at some classic jiggers. These little boogers have a serious foot fetish and like to bury themselves all inside you. We have 13 minutes of up close and personal footage of a little boy having his foot cut and dug into. Inside the poor kid has tons of jiggers that need to be removed and while I LOOOOOVE this kind of thing I don’t think I’d be very comfortable cutting the foot. I’ll pluck them out all day but I’d be afraid I would cut too deep. The kid took it like a total champ and I’m sure he’s feeling a lot better afterwards. We also get a random tangent about love or some shit from the narrator. I think he’s been inhaling too much animal dung fumes.

Christmas is right around the corner, what’s on your list? I personally want the Bob Ross Chia pet, I’d proudly display that on my desk. RIP Bob πŸ™

Thank you to my hoe @yournextexgirl

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34 thoughts on “Jiggers Removed From Child’s Foot

  1. That was sastisfying to watch… but i doubt it would be satisfying to smell… unless you had the nose of a nigger, since they are used to aweful smells. This is what happens when you dont wash your feet. πŸ˜€

    As for the “love” crap im pretty certain he was talking about his love for cutting things like that… πŸ˜†

      • I don’t know what you’re meaning, or in just really tired but that’s why they get jiggers in their feet it’s from the lack of proper footwear. As for stopping death from the numerous other deadly diseases, contaminates, war and unrest? Well no shoe in the world could protect them

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