I’m really super gay (and some flamboyant thank yous)

Well…no. I’m not really gay. Ok, maybe a little. I mean, shit. Who doesn’t like tits? Anyway, I don’t think we ever had a chill out post yet. Plus we are literally days away from saying goodbye to 2017. Maybe you guys wanna talk about that? What do you plan to do in 2018? Me, I want to get a dog. I’m gonna try not to eat it.

I am looking forward to 2018, mainly for RGM. I don’t know what Nextie has in store for us but there is something coming up. We really need to get that Private Messaging thing fixed. I know, I know. We’ve been telling you guys we will get it fixed but it turns out, the issues are a lot more complicated than we thought it would be. It really is a complex issue. We want to keep everything the same but with changes. You guys, especially those who have been with us ever since we started our humble website and even donated to keep the website running, have been incredibly patient with us. We truly appreciate that. I, personally, appreciate that. We would pretty much like an instant messaging thing going on but I don’t want panties creaming or jimmies rustled until everything is gonna be out there for sure but rest assure shit will get fixed. Do you guys have any suggestions about what you want to see on the website? What do you think can we do to make stuff easier for you? This goes for both desktop and mobile users. I know a lot of you guys like to look and read stuff while you take a shit so I suppose a lot of things would be convenient for mobile users.

I just wanna take the time to shout out the people who donated some bucks to us before because you guys might think we’ve forgotten about you. We use that a lot for maintenance and paying for our host. You guys might not feel it but we have used that to buy some upgrades (which will be implemented once we get some website issues fixed) and for out other maintenance costs like paying for the host.

I think our third party hosts also deserve a shout out because without them, you guys wouldn’t be able to see the videos that we post. I am glad they are a free service still. It’s incredibly expensive to be able to host your own videos but, if circumstances are with us, we would love to have it eventually but apparently we won’t beg for cash. That’s just really pathetic. If you guys wanna give, go ahead. If not, that’s cool too. If you tell me to go get fucked, you don’t have to tell me that because I already have my beloved BBC. The support you show for us means a lot to us already.

And holy fuck how can I forget. Jesus Christ. @mrspink Do you guys know how fucking incredible this woman is? Well, she ALWAYS hooks us up with juicy shit and she does that shit for free. This damn website is mostly a labor of love and we are glad as fuck you are with us. Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you too, @re-pete.

So, yeah. That’s mostly it. Let me know your thoughts down the comments section below and I will try to respond to you guys. Well, not just me. There’s other admins too. Active ones are yours truly, @obli, @littlefoot and @yournextexgirl

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34 thoughts on “I’m really super gay (and some flamboyant thank yous)

  1. I wonder if he really fights like that.
    It probably wouldn’t even be a fight because the other guy or girl would probably die laughing. I would pay to see it though!

    Other than the stuff mentioned, I can only think of numbered pages of gore at the bottom of each page, like pages 1 2 3 5 10 60..
    That way we can go straight to all the older posts if we want with no hassles!
    Hopefully the loading time gets improved as well with the upgrades.
    Can’t really think of anything else at the time.

    Oh ya, you do rock @mrspink

    • @gentlenatureman

      There actually is the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ option on the top right corner of any articles that you are currently viewing, right below the site’s Menu bar and above the title of the article. I don’t exactly think we can put one from underneath the articles because of some restrictions of this current website theme.

  2. @staciejaxx Thanks for the post Kay, I hope you, Obli, Nextie and Little Foot realize how much we appreciate the time and effort that you put into this site. You are all awesome. Same for Mrs Pink and RePete, the site would not be the same without you two.

    As far as that goes I would like to thank the members of this awesome site for being the funny, thought provoking, crazy bastards that they are. There are too many to mention but with this site being the closest thing to social media that I utilize I consider this group of hooligans as my online family.

    I don’t have any issues with how the site runs but I do have two questions. First, do the older videos expire? On many of the earlier posts the videos won’t play which is fine because I’ve seen them already but sometimes it’s fun to go for a walk down memgory lane. More importantly, does anyone know what happened to Dead Ohio Sky? I miss his comments and I hope he’s doing alright.

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