Elderly Woman Is Still Able To Talk After Losing Half Of Her Face

Like the post that @Obli posted recently, this woman also has lost most of her face. The only difference is that this elderly woman seems to be very much aware of her condition and what is going on. I have no info on what caused the woman to end up in this condition. She can still talk.. or she at least attempts to talk. I think if I were to be in this sort of condition.. I would want to have the right to choose a doctor assisted suicide. These are the cases where assisted suicide should be an option. What do you guys think? Would it be wrong for a doctor to assist this woman in ending her life?

Also.. I noticed there’s a few people from ‘other sites’ joining lately, and I just wanted to welcome them to the site if they weren’t already. And I wanted to make clear that if you were on another site and you choose to sign up here as well or instead, don’t worry.. you will not be treated differently for any reason. All we ask is that you follow the rules and have fun. πŸ™‚

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24 thoughts on “Elderly Woman Is Still Able To Talk After Losing Half Of Her Face

  1. Can’t even stand to watch something so nasty as this ……but watched it somehow
    The biggest question is as to why does she intends living still knowing although that her condition is beyond any hope but that sparkle of life is what she loves like we all do .
    The people taking care of her in the house hold truly need to be rewarded for keeping her alive but they must talk to her and persuade her to end her misery and there can’t be anything better than begging for mercy killing in
    her case .
    Let her be born anew again .

  2. Yeah i already gave my opinion on it on the previous one, i agree with euthanasia being an option for these kind of suffering. But it could be worse though… like having people arround her singing and making her sing “I need a fuck… I need a fuck…” πŸ˜†

      • Aw I had that’s how you two knew each other but that man is an angel and doesn’t deserve anything less than a Nobel prize. He is most definitely my hero. I think the families of there deceased that out him there should be ashamed of themselves to blame him for giving someone who’s dying slowly, in pain and agony, or alive just on life support the chance to finally be from from it all. They were selfish to allow their loved ones to suffer in horrendous circumstances. It’s their right to die with dignity and respect and Jack gave them everything they ever wanted. He truly cared for them.

  3. What the hell, why is this face munching disease in or around Asian countries I’m thinking like the last woman video either in, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia or somewhere like that.
    Felt sorry for her but then, I would have killed myself way before I got to this stage!!!

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