Bloodied Corpse Found in Bed

Hey guys. Don’t know exactly what happened to this guy, but he sure left a lot of blood all over his bed. In the image where he’s turned onto his back, there is what looks like a small bullet hole. And, being Brazil, that certainly wouldn’t be out of the question. In fact, being hit by gunfire is probably more likely than being bit by a mosquito.

Props to the Pink!

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16 thoughts on “Bloodied Corpse Found in Bed

    • Haha! Looks like he took mom’s advice and wore presentable underwear in case you wake up dead or something. It was time for him to get that fat ass outta bed anyway, bullet hole or not. And he peed it too!

      • Haha Bro@borntorun long time no see ! .Hope you are in the pink of your health and doing fine
        BTW his undies look impeccable although he went dirtying such a squeaky piece of linen but its a one a million chance where a mosquito bite can make a man bleed to death.
        The last snapshot has him showing that crater of a hole in his mouth you think he was inflating a condom or something similar .

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