29-Year-Old Brazilian Man Killed By Three Brothers With Machetes

Around 9:30pm on Thursday, December 7th, a 29-year-old man named Marcelo Thomazzette Flores was killed when he was attacked with machetes at a gas station in Santa Maria, Brazil. Marcelo was being chased by three brothers, aged 25, 29 and 32, when he ran into the store to try to get away from the men, but failed when the men entered the gas station and began attacking him with machetes. Somehow the owner of the store managed to keep the brothers there until police arrived and arrested all three. They all confessed to the crime and claimed it was revenge because the victim apparently attacked the brothers’ father in the days before. Marcelo was buried on the evening of Friday, December 8th.

Thanks to @MrsPink for the vids!

Below the video are the aftermath photos. The family wanted to have an open casket and somehow Marcelo’s badly injured face was put back together the best it could be, and damn did they do a great job.

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52 thoughts on “29-Year-Old Brazilian Man Killed By Three Brothers With Machetes

  1. That was heartbreaking. I dont know how bad he hurt the farher of the culprits but this seems very severe payback.
    What is it with these Brazilians and machetes?. Couldn’t they just give him a good bashing to teach him a lesson?
    I like how no one helps the guy and business keeps on going! Fuck!

    Well, that pretty face is no more for girls to swoon.

  2. He is still not sure whether the bottles have mineral water in them or the gasolene. Hey but he is looking and looking
    For all the revenge he meted out on the killer’s father he is in disbelief and wondering beside his head why the whole lard from his face and body is also hung up in shame .
    He can wash himself clean with a dozen bottles and can go after their father as they will be in the jail for half their lives .
    I wonder if he can hold a machete like the trio could .

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