Woman Still Alive After Disease Eats A Hole in Her Face

An elderly woman has had a huge hole eaten entirely through her face possibly due to some form of skin cancer or other sort of flesh-eating disease. It has literally left her with a huge crater that goes damn near to her brain. Her eyes are technically still there although I doubt she can see anything at this point. We hear her groan every now and then and her tongue moves as well. I can’t believe this woman is still conscious, let alone alive.

Thanks to @mrspink!

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21 thoughts on “Woman Still Alive After Disease Eats A Hole in Her Face

  1. Even if it’s possible to keep someone alive in this state seriously why bother? She might be alive but she’s not living and I’m sure the only thing going through her mind is ‘I hope I die now’

  2. This is the aftermath of one of the meteor that fell on this woman’s face & was much in the news sometime back .
    SETI zeroed on her and said she was actually conducting a search for Extra-Terrestrial life outside her own universe and that’s bad when ya are an earthling .
    Alright fucking jokes aside .
    Looking at her she is half good as dead .Factually she should plead for mercy killing . Those eyes of her look every bit tele-portish so take care fellas .she may have ya plucked right where ya are by her enslaved ET’s in no time at all.?
    She is one of the cast in the sequel to ET coming to the theatres near ya this December

  3. @alliegrace those people are fucking assholes, they dont have the decency to end her suffering? I just dont understand. I see shit like this all the time. People keeping others alive even though their suffering is horrific. I wonder if they would comply if she was able to tell them to end her life… Then again if they havent thought about mercy killing then they’re just gonna keep alive until the brain begins to rot away aswell… Fuck this existence. Theres too much suffering.

    “if pain were actually collective instead of simply reiterative then the sheer weight of it would drag the world from the walls of the universe and send it crashing and burning through whatever night it might yet be capable of engendering until it was not even ash.”

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