Louisiana Father Beats And Shaves His Daughter’s Head For Downloading Snapchat

Well, this comes from my wonderful state. Not.. Louisiana is a terrible state and I hate it. Some of you may totally agree with this video and the message this man is trying to send to his daughter, I on the other hand, think he is a piece of shit. Alex J. Harrison, 33, from Ferriday, Louisiana, had someone film as he beat his 14-year-old daughter with a belt and then shaved her head, all because she downloaded the social media app, Snapchat. He then uploaded the video to YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat. At the beginning of the video Harrison includes a picture of his ugly ass face with the caption, “She wanna be grown, she getting her ass whooped n her hair bald. School is for work not fucking Snapchat. She ain’t got no business with no damn snap anyway. Stay tuned.” Harrison is shown hitting the girl with a belt over 50 times while he screams non stop at the crying girl. After the beating, Harrison sits the girl down and with the camera in her face he shaves her head completely bald. He humiliates the girl even more and insults her personal hygiene and says she did not know how to change her own tampons during her period. The man narrating the video makes similar comments and repeats what the father is saying.

This to me.. is not disciplining your child. This is humiliating your child, and why would any decent parent want or feel the need to intentionally go to this level to humiliate their child over a fucking app? Shaving a girl’s head while she is crying her eyes out is not discipline. Harrison was proud of his actions and shared the video like he had done a good deed. But, soon after he put the video online earlier this week.. he was arrested on child cruelty charges.

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41 thoughts on “Louisiana Father Beats And Shaves His Daughter’s Head For Downloading Snapchat

  1. Absolute piece of shit father, how the fuck can you do that to your child? I’m all for keeping a close eye on your kids especially with social media but this is too damn much. There’s a million different ways he could’ve gotten his point across without humiliating and abusing her. That’s the kind of guy that beats his child for any reason he can think of. Hope the fucker enjoys prison.

  2. You can see why there doesn’t seem to be a mom in this video as he probably beat her 1 too many times. That piece of shit doesn’t deserve the title father he’s more suited to a motherfucking coward as only a coward hits a woman but a motherfucking piece of shit coward will hit their child. I hope someone In jail is gonna show him what it like to be a father and fucking ass rape the cunt. I hope some bitch in jail makes u his play thing

    • If there was a mom in the picture she’d use his do rag as a tourniquet around his neck for shaving her daughter bald. And how screwed is that for a dad to criticize a daughter about hygiene without a mom to explain “things”. Monster!

  3. Gibber Gibber , snort ,growl what fucking piece of shitty ape is living and shaming the whole of Louisiana. This ape either has a place in the Zoo or in the Jungle .
    First he beats her up and then tonsures her head off taking pride thinking he nipped the evil in the bud .Less does he know that this motherfucker has etched a bitter memory in the mind of poor child which she won’t forget easily .
    Down the years when he gets old enough she must return with a vengeance and knock his brains off with her man .
    For now he’s been arrested but here is wishing
    the fellow inmates take turns in filling his both the holes for whatever term he’s been retributed for .

  4. My mom beat the shit outta me like this on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. And for much less. I believed it was abuse then, and still do. Which is why I don’t beat my kids now. The same hands I use to care for and love my children should NEVER be used to hurt them. This man deserves to go to jail for what he did. Poor girl, there was a much better way to handle this. This was just dead wrong.

      • Thanks. I asked my mother why she did that to me when I became an adult. Her only excuse was that it was how she was raised. Well that aint an answer to me. She beat me all over my bare back, legs, buttocks, arms, even the face. And warned me not to tell anyone about it. That’s how I know she knows she was wrong for doing that. And is also the reason that our relationship to this day is mediocre at best. But I refused to allow my children to experience that. All it did for me was make me mad, an angry young man who when I left home for good didn’t take shit from anyone and was all too willing to get into fights. It was my only way to vent and was very self-destructive. Not to mention the people I hurt fighting. I had to find a way to deal with all that anger and focus it into something positive like being a good husband and father. Otherwise, I may be in prison for the rest of my life. The cycle had to stop with me.

        • @ipconfig
          You’re better than me because if anyone did that to me I’d never speak to them again. I think it’s great you managed to turn it into a positive for you and you’re absolutely right when you say she knew it was wrong. You don’t tell someone not to say anything if you think it’s okay to do and being raised that way is no excuse. That kind of childhood is such a slippery slope so I’m glad you came out on top 😀

      • Sad thing is @re-pete and @littlefoot that this is a huge problem in black families. Beating children like this is the norm, not the exception. My cousins were similarly treated, although not nearly as often. It’s an old school tradition handed down over the years. When I was a kid, it was just natural to do this. Unfortunately, this man is passing it on to this poor girl who will one day likely do the same to her kids. I just don’t get it though. Why would I want to put my kids through what I HATED? Shit needs to stop. Or people need to just NOT HAVE KIDS.

        • @ipconfig.
          Exactly, is like why become that same monster to your child when you can end it all yourself and give them a much better and happier life.

          I would think that most people who were beaten as children, would definitely be against beating their own children!
          Well, it’s just too bad that it seems to be the exact opposite.

          • @ipconfig
            Yes, I’ve heard many of them say “well his father used to beat him, so it kinda runs in the family” as if that was an acceptable reason. I know you kinda touched on that one earlier. Well, that’s how many criminals and killers are born, so we just have to do our part and minimize that.
            And no, I’m still not a father yet.

        • @ipconfig
          I don’t get it either unless there’s an inner rage that they can’t even control that causes it. It’s sad that anyone sees it as a norm. I think spanking and discipline is fine but within reason and too many people take it way too far. It’s sad so many do to their kids what their parents did to them.

          • In my case, my mother did have an inner rage against me. My biological father. I have no problem saying this because I am not ashamed of who I am, but my biological father raped my mother. And I am the product of that. He is in fact, in prison as we speak for rape and murder. He has been in Angola Prison in Louisiana. He went there at first before I was born. Met my mother on a furlough and courted her. She fell for him, but he soon changed. And when she refused his advances, he raped her. And tormented her for a while thereafter. Until he went to prison for raping my aunt and her sister. He was released a few years ago. But within a year, he murdered someone and went RIGHT BACK to Angola. Here is a link that gives a small outline of his crime.


            He got life for that one.

            Obviously my mother kept me. She grew up very religious. But she hated me and beat the shit outta me when she wasn’t happy with me. She ended up marrying my step father who ended up raising me. So I also have a brother. She was strict on him but treated him much better than she treated me. Although she beat him from time to time as well.

          • @littlefoot I agree with you that spanking as discipline is ok for others. But for me, I just can’t do it. I hate to see my kids cry, and I think I can get through to them better if I am patient and explain to them why what they did wrong is wrong. And it works.

          • @ipconfig
            Omg that is horrible but honestly it makes how you turned out even more impressive. It’d be so easy to have the rage your mother did and turn it on someone else or some kids even idolize the absent parent and want to be like them but you didn’t do that either. You had two people who you could’ve followed but instead chose a different path and that says a lot about you as a person. It’s sad that your mom didn’t try giving you up for adoption if she couldn’t handle the traumatic event. I understand how hard that was for her but I could never take it out on a child.

            I agree, I hope if I ever have children I don’t have to resort to spanking although I went through some myself, nothing bad fortunately. I think it also depends on the child, they’re all different and some may need more discipline than another so you have to tweak it for each child but I’d never go past spanking and only after reasoning didn’t work.

  5. Like some people who are unfit to work, unfit to own guns, unfit to operate machinery, unfit to drive, unfit to practice, unfit to whatever reason there is, I think there are some people who are unfit to become parents. There’s discipline and there’s abuse. This is abuse.

    My mom and dad whoop my lil chink ass when I was a kid but that was discipline. They never yelled at me, they never humiliated me more so recorded the punishment. This is too much. I don’t think this is just solely a ‘black people’ problem. I think it happens to any other race out there.

  6. WTF!!!!!!! I WANT THAT SACK OF SHIT!!! That poor Girl, I even had a tear or two, I hope that “NIGGER” ( sorry I’m mad ) there was no reason for that man to go to that level of anger. I hope he’s fucking dead, and or prison for the rest of he’s welfare life.

  7. This is complete and utter bullshit.I don’t believe this. My people come from Louisiana (I’m TX born and raised though) and my father never did this to me, no matter how mad he got. And especially not over something silly as a stupid app. Back in the day I lived on Myspace (shows how old I am. lol) and all he did was look at me and said “watch out for them sex maniacs”. Didn’t yell at me, didn’t beat my ass. My dad never beat my ass actually. And my mother would have beat his ass if he’d beat my ass.
    This is horrible and I hope that fool goes to jail for a long time.

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