Security Guard Attacked And Killed With Hammer In China

A security guard who doesn’t look like he was exactly guarding too much, was attacked by a random person on December 7, 2017, with a hammer. The random man walked up to the guard and said a few words to him then started pounding him in the head with a hammer he brought with him. The attack happened in China and the info I have says the guard did die of his injuries. No one has been arrested for the murder.

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15 thoughts on “Security Guard Attacked And Killed With Hammer In China

  1. Be warned that the hammersmiths are dangerous as always and if there is one in the neighborhood then its better to be safe than to be sorry . Why not give him the taste of his own medicine cause when it strikes it strikes brutally hard .?
    ( ◑ٹ◐)
    Always remember to Carry one , if ya have none now

  2. The random guy was informing the guard that there was a spider on his head. So the guard asked the guy to kill it! So he did…….. with a hammer ???

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