Varicose Vein Explodes

Daaaamn.. look at that blood squirting. This is a man named Luke. He was taking a shower when he noticed blood shooting from around his ankle as he was drying off. It turns out that the valves in one of Luke’s veins weren’t working, and instead of the blood traveling down and being pumped right back to his heart.. blood traveled into the branches of the vein and pressure built up over time causing them to eventually burst. Luke’s skin became very thin which made it easy for it to rupture. This is the result of that. Blood is continuously shooting out of his leg. Luke eventually applied pressure and went to the ER later that night.

16 thoughts on “Varicose Vein Explodes

  1. Haha oh god this happened to my Grandma once when she was looking after me… I had to call an ambulance I was about 8 years old freaked me out so bad hahaha poor Grandma….

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