Retro Gore: Close-Up Beheading In Kirkuk, Iraq

One of my favorite beheading videos. Close-up. HD. No Allahu Akbaring. It’s about as good as it gets as far as beheadings go. This happened in Kirkuk, Iraq.. back in 2013. I don’t have any info on who is doing the beheading or who is getting beheaded, only that it took place in Kirkuk. I know I saw someone mention wanting this video up, so whoever that was.. here ya go. 👍

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19 thoughts on “Retro Gore: Close-Up Beheading In Kirkuk, Iraq

  1. Balls & penis cut off! Who has one of the videos of the (Mexican) gang hanging guys upside down, nude, and cutting off their penis and balls? The humiliation prior to actually killing a guy seems spectacular to me. Fuck up their minds before you cut off their heads.

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