Hindu Kills Muslim

Here we have a video of a Hindu man violently attacking and the murdering a Muslim man in seemingly cold blood. The Hindu man, wrapped comfortably in his hipster scarf, attacks the defenseless with a pick axe and then grabs a kukri-type knife and gives the immobile victim a couple whacks with that as well before walking away.

As far as I know, the man committed the murder simply because the victim was Islamic. He says that he will kill all Muslims. Well, we all need to set goals for ourselves. And seeing as how there are approximately 1.8 billion muslims in the world, that is quite a feat. I don’t know, though… do you think you’d get tired of killing before you reached 1.8 billion?

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28 thoughts on “Hindu Kills Muslim

  1. Easily the most debonair killer I’ve seen in recent memory. The only thing missing was footage of him riding off on his little white scooter with his scarf flowing in the breeze.
    He needs to be the new Dos Equis guy.

  2. If this guy hadn’t shown his face while delivering his soliloquies to the camera, I’d swear this was Freddie Mercury killing that mother fucker.

    As a matter of fact, I muted the sound and played “Killer Queen” instead and it fit quite well…

  3. Ever seen a killer dressed up like a cricketing hero .?!
    Here is one . With the right coloured shirt to match his whites including his footwear he looked more like a cricketer going out to bat.
    The only mismatch was his rusted dagger
    and he wasn’t even humming any song from the Hindi movies forgetting how to gyrate his arse pendulously.

  4. Ive checked on internet.it seems the oldie victim was moslem who was recently living with hindu whitepants ex girlfriend.
    Apparently, whitepants killed moslem for committing “love jihad” which is where moslems,rape and forcefully marry or seduce and love marry hindu ,sikh or christian girls. So looks like girlie left closet whitepants for old moslem cock.

    Why did old guy go along so willingly?

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