Weight Lifter Fucks Up Legs

Weight Lifter Fucks Up Legs

Oh weight lifters, how you entertain me with your overconfidence. It’s like that saying ‘your eyes are bigger than your stomach’ only in this case your eyes are bigger than your muscles. This took place some time ago maybe 70’s or 80’s looking at the hairstyles and outfits?…I’m not quite up to date on the weight lifting fashion back then, my apologies. A man participating in a competition decided to get cocky and lift more than his body could handle. He walks out to the stage, wind blowing through his long golden hair to attempt to lift 761 lbs. The commentators make it clear that he struggled with less weight and it’s unwise of him to try for more. They said it a lot nicer than I would’ve….the guy was a dumbass. With the heavy weights on his shoulders, he bends his knees when his left knee shifts outwards then back in and looks like he might’ve dislocated the kneecap while his right ankle completely buckles and snaps under the weight. You can really appreciate the hair in slow mo.

Edit: I swear last night I saw a porn mustache on this guy, wishful thinking and sleep deprivation is a bad combination ?

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39 thoughts on “Weight Lifter Fucks Up Legs

  1. Paul Jordan? More like Fall Jordan! Get it? Because he fell. When his legs gave out from the weight. He lifted too much weight and then he fell. I don’t know what the hell I’m saying this for, you all watched the video. And Fall Jordan isn’t even funny. Shit. I’m gonna go lay down.

  2. Lol… Whatta fuckin idiot.
    The commentator knew right off the bat this was gonna end up bad. Said this (weight) is way beyond his ability.
    Fuckin humans…. We’re not insects who can lift 15x our own weight. 761pds doesn’t seem like a mammoth amount of weight but damage it can do to human body is brutal. That’s why we have the brain power to build machinery to lift heavy weight. This was as stupid as using a loaded gun as a hammer or toothbrush.

  3. I heart Physics! It’s an equal opportunity crusher and therefore, we get the following equation (for those scientifically inclined):

    F=DA*M² where F = fuck up, DA = dumb ass, and M = weight of the thing doing the crushing

    And yes, this applied way back then before teh interwebs you know, just like gravity.

  4. One must have equal brains to go with the brawns he had none of the two just a golden tuft of hair that just shimmered when his knees and the ankle pained buckled and quivered . He looked a sorry arse right there amidst the crowd
    A word of advice for any of the weight lifters is to first get started with lifting their own balls or that of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s .

  5. My girlfriend injured her shoulder last week, lifting a plastic tub of Christmas decorations. The doctor did X-rays and told her to avoid lifting anything heavy for a couple weeks. Man, I’m gonna miss her holding my penis while we watch TV.

  6. Well working out releases endorphins, serotonin, etc… so obviously it makes them feel good about themselves and the world arround them… overconfidence comes in excess of that, hence why they end up doing the most retarded shit… So be carefull not to overwork yourlseves when you work out, boys and girls… you might lower your IQ. 😆

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