Thief Knocked Out With Kick To The Head

We have video here of an alleged thief who has been cornered by an angry mob. As we all know, he is not going to be shown any mercy. The last thing you want is a mob of Brazilians pissed off at you.

The man has been knocked to the ground and amidst angry shouts, he is kicked and slapped. The man is clearly scared but his fear is short-lived as he gets kicked in the face and is knocked the FUCK OUT!

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28 thoughts on “Thief Knocked Out With Kick To The Head

  1. According to the video he robbed and shot a woman with a .38. At the end of the video: “These (kind of) guys has no mercy on anyone. Just kill these pests already”. Totally agree! I’m not sure if they killed him, I hope so, but there’s always someone saying “enough already” in those videos.

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