Man Does a Little Jig After Motorcycle Accident

Man Does a Little Jig After Motorcycle Accident

This occurred in Paraguay where a young man on a motorcycle got into an accident with a truck driver. The guy managed to injure his head causing a pool of blood to spread around him. He was hit in just the right spot to give us a little shimmy while lying on the ground. After a short time he got tired and laid back down to have a rest. I find it fascinating when certain head injuries can cause such involuntary movement. No clue if he died or not but I feel we should name his move. I’ll leave that part up to you guys!

Thank you to the bestest Pink Pink ever!

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30 thoughts on “Man Does a Little Jig After Motorcycle Accident

  1. The Shortbus Shimmy is very common among those with inferior intelligence quotients or sudden onset trauma (SOT), as is The Jerk, The Watusi, The Quake, The Twist, The Mashed Potato and The Swim (without water of course). I could go on and on. For many of these lacking individuals, such movements are all they have. In any event, it is a damn sight better than the fucking Carlton, that supposedly “normal” people do! The bastards!

  2. Sad but it seems more like he caused a self accident . This is what the notorious “SPEED” does . It leaves ya thrilled and in the end it gets ya killed .
    It appears more like there was a head on collision .
    between the biker and the trucker
    But where the fuck driver hid himself is all I’m wondering .

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