If You’re Gonna Be A Thief in Brazil, Don’t Get Caught!

It never pays to be a thief in Brazil. Case in point, the video below. The people of the areas we see featured on RGM are some of the poorest areas in Brazil. These people have to work very hard just for their little stone hovels, so commodities like cell phones and motor bikes being stolen will not be tolerated. The thief here has some of his fingers hacked off with a machete before being shot in the leg and being threatened with the gun in his face. The video cuts off before we see how far the gunman takes it.

This looks a little more gang related, but seeing how after all these years I still can’t understand Brazilian Portuguese, I’ll leave it up to our translators to put more of the story together.

Props to Pinky!

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25 thoughts on “If You’re Gonna Be A Thief in Brazil, Don’t Get Caught!

  1. They’re chopping off thumbs, shooting kneecaps and some retard whacks him with a branch. Seriously, why does no one shoot the idiot swinging the branch?

  2. This seems to be gang related though, they mention “CP” (“If you’re a “CP” we’ll catch you!) and “BDM” (probably the attacking gang) during the leg shooting. Theres nothing much worth to translate but i’ll might do it when i have more time. 😀

  3. I’m disappointed. Only one finger and part of a thumb. I didn’t even see a wound in the leg. What a bunch of lightweights. I mean, if you’re going to make a lasting impression, do something really meaningful. You know what I want to see: I want to see penis and balls sliced off and given away as trophies.

  4. He got his just desserts the way it was meant to be .He’ll have a tough time robbing shagging fapping flipping tripping from now on .
    I wonder what gives these idiots the courage when they already know if they get caught in the act what would be the outcome .
    With that said gotta admit that Brazil miffs me to no end with its kinda adopted jungle justice

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