Giant Stones Removed From Bladder

Giant Stones Removed From Bladder

Happy Monday everyone!! Have any of you ever had a kidney stone before? I’ve luckily never experienced the pleasure and I hope to avoid that shit until the day I die. I hear it is one of the most painful things a person can go through. Any mother I have ever talked to say it’s easily worse than giving child birth while grown men have admitted to crying their eyes out at the pain. It’s such a tiny little booger yet causes excruciating pain. Now take the size of a regular stone and multiply it by about 100 and that’s the size we’re dealing with today. This procedure is taking place on a poor little doggy who has humongous stones trapped inside his bladder. There is literally no passing these things so vets cut in to remove 3 huge stones. I was amazed at how smooth they were and wondered if that had to do with the minerals they’re made of or if it’s like a rock in a river that’s smoothed down over time only instead of water it’s pee. I’m sure he’s feeling better now and hopefully he can get on something to help avoid any future stones.

Thank you to my hoebag @yournextexgirl for this

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43 thoughts on “Giant Stones Removed From Bladder

  1. Dude I have. I was 21 or 22 and woke up in severe pain so I crawled to the bathroom. The only phone that I had was really my roommates and it was with him at work, so I sat on the floor for 3 or so hrs until he came home from lunch wishing someone would kill me….it was really, truly that bad. Went to the ER, throwing up foam met morphine for the first time ?. I was blown away at how small they were that they could cause that much agony.

  2. I yelled at people in the hospital during my first kidney stone. Till they gave me a shot of morphine. They sent me home with percs and a coffee filter. With the help of the pills, bong hits and chugging coke, I was able to pee the tiny flake of a thing into the coffee filter. I could go for one about now.

  3. Being that this poor little pooch couldn’t tell anyone about the pain that he was experiencing, it could’ve been days or weeks of nothing but agony until someone finally noticed.

    My uncle had this happen to him twice, but all he drinks is vitamin D milk, so it’s no wonder…

  4. I’ve had two. One in each kidney, yay ?
    ER visit both times. THE WORST PAIN EVER! Luckily it didn’t hurt pissing out, but the trip from the kidney to the bladder, holy shit ?
    Morphine worked the first time. The second time it barely took the edge off so they gave me a shot of dilaudid…. that was the shit, but for a second, i thought my head was gonna explode ???
    Fortunately the second stone turned into “sand”. so i never even saw it. Anywho, yeah, they suck. Thanks for the painful memories @littlefoot and @yournextexgirl ?

  5. P.s…. I’ve also had gall stones…. lucky me. Yep, another ER visit….i guess I’m just a pussy ???
    But I’ll never get THOSE again…. They took out my gall bladder ?

    • @gorycory. My cousin had his removed too. He was at work and was feeling really sick, he thought he was dying right there, so his co-worker took him straight to the hospital and yep, it was his gallbladder.

      Did you get that same feeling like you had something really with you?

      • Well i had some previous discomfort for months but it would go away. Then early one Saturday morning i had some serious stabbing burning pain! I was having what they called a gall bladder attack. It was trying to secrete bile but the stones were obstructing the bile duct causing the bladder to spasm and get inflamed. It was awful but not as bad as the kidney stones. THAT pain actually made me vomit from how painful it was. Both pains are unrelenting. Zero relief. Thank God for drugs ?

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