Man Left in Bloody Heap After Being Hit by Train

What’s up guys? Got a pretty bloody video here. A man was hit by a train and tossed to the side of the tracks rather than being sucked under and completely destroyed. However, he’s left as a bloody mess but we see people helping which is a change of pace. They get him up onto the platform, but it’s unclear whether or not he survive. That is quite a bit of blood though…

I don’t know if this was a failed suicide attempt or an accident. He might be wishing he was dead now, though. Props to @mrspink!

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34 thoughts on “Man Left in Bloody Heap After Being Hit by Train

  1. What’s wrong with the people these days .
    Why choose trains when there are hundred different ways to end a miserable life .
    This bloke must have been either too tipsy to notice an oncoming train or he might have tried crossing the tracks for a shortcut to the neighbouring platform that’s when he got severely hit .
    Its surprising to see how he still has some life left in him but he ain’t gonna survive much longer .

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