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Next time, switch positions once in a while when fucking the whole team, okay?


Damn bitch you can’t even wait to be dead to start decomposing?
@existentialbear (nihilistic Teddy Bear)

There was time when she could write a brilliant symphony overnight. Sadly, she lost her inspiration and began de-composing.

Competitive Square Dancing is a cruel mistress………..
@louis (leucorrhea)

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49 thoughts on “Tag That Image! #47

  1. I wonder what that feels like? It might be painless if all the nerve endings have rotted away, or it might be excruciating. I hope never to find out. Can a person ever recover from that, or is that arm definitely a goner now? Will it have to be amputated? Questions…

    • I follow a horse charity that takes in wounded horses in Egypt, they had a horse there who came in with a wound in its neck and once they started cleaning it it became clear that a huge part of his neck muscle had become necrotic. They kept it clean, removed the dead flesh and pumped him with antibiotics and slowly but surely it healed. It grew scar tissue which filled the hole so he’s not got the neck strength he used to but he survived

      • @Hfale – Wow that surprises me. I wouldn’t have thought something so necrotic could heal so well. But I guess in a healthy animal, with a good immune system and decent health care, it’s got a chance.
        P.S. Reminds me of a crap joke I heard the other day: A man goes to the doctor for a check up, the doctor says “Well, you’re as healthy as a horse”. The man says, “Phew, that’s a relief”, the doctor says, “A horse with diabetes!” … haha, sorry…

        • It’s time to bring some of the outdoors indoors ?. At least that’s what I’ve done…but I don’t let my cat outdoors anymore. I rescued him from out there and traffic is bad.

          I’m good thanks for asking ? trying not to take such long leaves of absence. Ah and a bit stressed about this overly commercialized, capitalist, religious holiday that quite frankly I don’t even believe in. But I have a son and I keep my opinions to myself ?

          • Hey @trainwreck I just saw your reply. She still goes outside but doesn’t like to stay out as long and it’s more difficult for her to catch mice in the snow.
            Yeah, I know what you mean, lately I’ve been busy with life and haven’t been able to comment as much as I’d like. It’s good to see you when you’re here though.
            I hear you about the holiday season, and my parents and extended family are very religious as well. Going home to see them was an extremely stressful ordeal for the longest time until I sat down with them and let them know that we didn’t believe in the same things. They could accept that and it has made the holidays much more bearable.
            Hope things are going well for you.

          • That’s always great thing when families can still come together happily regardless of opposite views. I only celebrate it for my son and just commercially. He has his own pov on things and I give him all the room in the world to figure out what he thinks and feels rather than going by what others think and feel. But I hope I did good this year. He’s genuinely happy with whatever knowing how little money I usually have but I got the good stuff this year ?. But seriously family is family and your extremely lucky to have one and a large one at that. Now that you have said what you’ve been wanting to say to them it’s going to be a much happier time. Hell if I had some kind of transporter I’d go with you ?. Imagine that conversation ?
            I’m trying to be better about coming back more frequently and there’s really no excuse I just forget to or get side tracked in the process. But months go by and that’s pretty ridiculous it I do say so. Yeah little kitty isn’t going to find very many mice. He or she would be in heaven because there have been ready and mice sightings around my apt building. I told my mom to stop feeding them but shes hard headed. So yeah they’ve multiplied ?. We could use a good cat ?

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