Female Weightlifter Drops Weights On Her Leg And Breaks Her Femur

Ohhh damn that hurt.? I don’t know where this happened, but it looks like the girl in the video is at a competition, or maybe she is training for one. She goes to pick up the weights and immediately drops the entire thing onto her leg. You can see the pain in her face, and she is shocked when she looks down at her leg and see that she has obviously fractured her femur. I have personally experienced a femur break.. and that shit is painful as hell. Hopefully she is now recovering well.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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32 thoughts on “Female Weightlifter Drops Weights On Her Leg And Breaks Her Femur

  1. She should have stuck to alcohol bars.

    I’m sorry for your femur break, @yournextexgirl. Those can be fatal if the artery is severed from the jagged fracture and therefore must be immobilized with traction quickly. The sense of urgency is heightened due to the rapid contractions of the leg muscles with no bone to keep them lengthened as shown here. 😉

    Do tell us about the resetting and the rods, pins and screws, won’t you?

    On a positive note, at least you get blue parking! 😛

  2. It’s only the worst showoff workout out there, the most uncomfortable and really bad on your back , shoulders and joints..
    There’s safer ways to work out your legs and upper body than this shit workout.
    Trust me, stay away from it.

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