Chinese Nanny Secretly Filmed Abusing Baby

Ugh. This shit makes me want to set this bitch on fire. A nanny in China was secretly filmed abusing an infant because the baby would not stop crying. I mean, everyone knows that to stop a baby from crying you just hit them and throw them in the air a few times. Always works. No info on if the nanny was arrested but at least she was fired by the parents.

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13 thoughts on “Chinese Nanny Secretly Filmed Abusing Baby

  1. Omfg!! Please excuse the language I’m just about to use, but this is and animal abuse are the two things that really get under my skin. ????
    What a fucking cunt!! If she done that to my daughter fuck reporting it to the police. That bitch would need a coffin. Or better yet she doesn’t deserve a fucking coffin, funeral etc. I would cut the bitch up and travel the country to dispose of her many body parts. ????

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