Security Guard Handing Over His Gun Accidentally Shoots Receptionist

On November 21, 2017, a security guard for the Boudi Hotel in Sanaa, Yemen, wanted to go pray for the 112th time that day, or however many times Muslims pray, so before he went.. he handed over his weapon to the hotel receptionist. When the guard came back to collect his gun, the receptionist handed it to him and as soon as the man takes the gun goes off, shooting the receptionist. The guard apparently did not know the safety on his gun was not on, but his stupidity definitely was. The receptionist died from his injuries later that day. *Volume Warning*

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22 thoughts on “Security Guard Handing Over His Gun Accidentally Shoots Receptionist

  1. Those screams and howls really must have scared the shit of that guard who came collecting the firearm unbeknownst as to where lies the safety catch .
    Bizarre and freak as both the fucks were novices . Now that we’ve seen that the receptionist was a good receptor of a bullet at point blank range . he deserves five stars Posthumously.

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