Dude Crushed by Steam Roller

Poor chap here got literally steam rolled in a freak accident. We’ve seen this type if thing before but I never could understood how this could happen. All I can think of is that one scene in Austin Powers. But, however it happened, his crushed body and head should be a reminder to never underestimate machinery. Now look at all that wonderful lasagna splattered all over the road… my guidance counselor was right, I should have been a serial killer.

Thanks, @mrspink!

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21 thoughts on “Dude Crushed by Steam Roller

  1. He was probably sweeping the debris while wearing some kind of earplugs.
    But then he should’ve been able to feel that steam roller coming anyway!
    This is not how you wanna be remembered, it’s too cartoonish.

  2. From the guy’s honking in the background looks like someone is soon to become one with the pavement too… 😆

    This reminded me, yesterday i passed by an accident with a motorcycle, the motorcyclist was on the floor but didnt looked dead to me, no blood nor anything, so nothing worth of a shot… I didnt had the angle anyways… meh. :/

  3. “My guidance counselor was right, I should have been a serial killer.”

    If that were true @obli, you would have started your career path with your guidance counselor, perhaps with pictures and captions. I know I would have, just for giving me the idea. 😛

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