Brazilian Thief Gets A Nice Little Wake Up Call

Okay, so the man screaming like a girl because he is getting beat by a group of guys was a known thief in the area. Apparently, he was stealing everyone’s shit and people grew tired of it. The neighbors got together with sticks and boards and jumped him while he was sleeping. Or that’s all a lie and it’s the beginning of a BDSM gay gang-bang, who knows. I have zero sympathy for thieves though. Maybe he learned his lesson, but I doubt it.

Bonus video below. What the F is he doin’????

17 thoughts on “Brazilian Thief Gets A Nice Little Wake Up Call

  1. Mexican cartels are best at dealing with thieves. Strip ’em naked, hang ’em by the ankles, start the fun by slicing off his penis and balls and giving them away to someone in the audience who likes trophies. Get the party going by cutting off fingers and toes, then hands and feet, then lower arms and lower legs. Then when the thief is really stressed, cut off his upper arms and legs (fresh meat should be given to those who are trying to save on their food bill). Then, after your subject has passed out from shock, pain, or loss of blood, it’s safe to cut off his head. THAT’S how to deal with thieves.

  2. He keeps screaming “Its enough! Its enough!!” , but alas… hes not in place to decide that, now is he? 😛

    As for the second video, thats just the ritual to not crap his pants after a big scare. How else would you prevent “brownifying” your pants? 😆

  3. The alternate option for the guys was to pour some boiling hot water on to him ………I wish they comply to it the next time over .
    The hard skinned bastard is immune in to bashings and he is gonna steal again moreover this Pig is a quite big ass fatso too . Kicks & punches don’t matter much to him .One exceptional talent he got is to wail and cry like a little girl .”Waah””Waah”

  4. The second video is quite an eye catcher.
    The sound of firecrackers just caught him unaware he thought he copped it there then but to be really sure he kept rolling over the pavement to feel if he got riddled or if he is alive or gonna be dead.
    The best part is , his cap never fell and that eerie laughter in the backdrop will constipate the thief for weeks to come.

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