Two Classy Ladies Calmly Settle A Dispute

Two Classy Ladies Calmly Settle A Dispute

Two sweet, modestly dressed and clearly well educated women got into a bit of a tiff and handled their disagreement in a mature and respectful manner. The first one is inside of her vehicle while having a discussion with girl #2 and I’m sure her foot just accidentally hit the gas, then reversed because she knew she made an error but accidentally hit the gas while in drive again. An honest mistake really. I am impressed with her impeccable driving skills and her ability to avoid hitting the car parked next to her. The female driver then gets out of her car to hug it out with her friend. They hug so hard they fall to the ground and the second girl even tries to fix the other’s hair while touching her face. The girl on the ground covers her face to hide her tears of joy that they’ve made up. Then the crying girl decides to return the favor of fixing hair. A third woman voices her happiness at the two women who have made up and even wants to call the police to share in the joy. This ladies and gentleman is how you solve problems. Stay classy!

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35 thoughts on “Two Classy Ladies Calmly Settle A Dispute

  1. These are the two new recruits due to be inducted by the wrestling federation but they ain’t proud of it .
    Most of all their titties never showed up so I am gonna have them blacklisted …..and what’s more embarrassing is that their fannies never showed .
    So their ratings are a big ZERO for me .

  2. For flying fuck sakes these bitches have kids?!?!?! And what who what who was this dumb motherfucker filming this shit?!?! Sounds like he didn’t pay his child support the stupid bitch in the bathing suit was his fucking sister and to top it off a lesbian got out of the car and didn’t do shit about helping her “friend” Fuck the whole lot of them they need to go on Jerry Springer. Bitch in the bathing suit has been hanging out with the black boys too long

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