Young Woman Hangs Herself

Young Woman Hangs Herself

A Brazilian woman died and for once it’s not drug related! She decided to hang herself after her boyfriend committed suicide through the same means. She was suffering from depression after his death and wanted to experience her death exactly as him. Is that romantic? I personally don’t think you should kill yourself over anyone but to choose the same path as your significant other is kind of thoughtful and sweet I guess. Too bad she didn’t go pee before she ended things but at least she didn’t shit herself from what I can see although I do see a little dog turd off to the side 😆

Thank you to Pinky and @yournextexgirl for the updated info!

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53 thoughts on “Young Woman Hangs Herself

  1. Is it normal for girls to hang themselves without their pants on or did the photographer show up just in time before the first on the scene made a dirtpipe milkshake? Poor thing couldn’t have known a new Mr. Right would come up right behind her.

  2. Wow is that the same girl in the pics with a pink and blue top on, that is hanging? Because damn hanging definitely didn’t do much for her looks. She was damn sexy before, but now definitely not so hawt! But she still has a decent sized rack, so that’s something I suppose. ?

  3. Oh out of interest do you get more suicide videos/pictures around this time of year? I know suicide rates go up at Christmas time so that’s why I’m asking. I feel terrible saying this because even though my heart is black as night, I do feel sorry for them and their families. ?
    I also see it is a small Christmas gift for all of us because we get too watch those videos. ?
    *shrugs* maybe I’m just being cruel, but it is the season of giving. ??‍♀️?
    Does anyone agree?

  4. Perhaps the store there ran out of pants in her size during the Black Friday sale. Nobody should be forced to go through this life without pants! Or maybe she wore the same thing as another woman at the company Christmas party. I’m led to understand that’s a thing unless one is a backup singer or a cheerleader.

    So many fucking rules! 🙄

  5. Its easy committing suicide when someone’s is part naked and this girl just did that . It would have been quicker even if she hadn’t worn her panties on …. and WTF T-SHIRT was doing on that titsy body .
    Stark nakedness helps all the time every time .

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