Wanna Be Gangsta Chica Executed

All I know about this one is that it is from Mexcio. I hate to be judgmental but my guess is she was either a Cartel chica or even worse, saw herself as a Cartel chica. Either way, real gang members got a hold of her for whatever she may have done (snitching or sleeping around) and executed her, dumping her body blindfolded on the side of the road. Given the method of execution it does appear to be business related.

Also, maybe move the baby bottle before you start snapping sexy selfies.

Thanks, Pinky

UPDATE: yeah it’s been confirmed the bitch thought she was hardcore and was promoting herself as Cartel. Some dudes tracked her via Facebook and abducted her, making short work of her ass.

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20 thoughts on “Wanna Be Gangsta Chica Executed

  1. She definitely broke some kind of code, especially since those shorts weren’t taken off.
    Good catch Obli, and also, if you take a selfie, it looks a lot better when the camera not blocking half of your face.

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