Retro Gore: Four Women Beheaded in Mexico By Los Zetas

Okay, @Gezza. Ask and you shall receive. The watermarks are fucking terrible because this was back when MundoNarco was full of “journalists” that received exclusive content from the cartels themselves and they wanted everyone to know it. Video is from 2012 in Tamaulipas, Mexico. It shows four women kneeling down with their titties out except for the older woman. They are all interrogated by members of Los Zetas one at a time. The girl on the left admits to being the niece of José Guadalupe López “El Ostión”. The older lady says that she is sister in law of “El Ostión”. The woman to the far right in the pink is allegedly “La Guera Loca”. She gives her name as Yesenia Pacheco Rodríguez and was also known as “Comandante Wera”. La Guera Loca also made an appearance in a video back in 2011 when she helped behead a Zeta and then peeled his face off(I’ll try to get ahold of that vid soon). The women describe themselves as ‘halcones’ aka lookouts for the Gulf cartel. They are then beheaded and dismembered all at the same time. Mexican gore was at it’s peak in 2012. Come on, Mexico. Give us some more good shit.

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31 thoughts on “Retro Gore: Four Women Beheaded in Mexico By Los Zetas

  1. Look at all that fresh meat going to waste! What animals!

    Not to bitch or anything, but how about those old cartel videos where they hang victims upside-down, nude, and slice off parts? I especially like the one where the first parts cut off are the guy’s penis and balls, and they give those to someone in the audience.

    Let’s not forget the famous chainsaw beheading.

    There was also the video where muslims were hanging upside-down in a slaughterhouse, and their necks were sliced to bleed them out, and they were then cut up. Nice video.

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