16 Year Old Found Dead in the Woods

A 16-year-old girl was found dead in the woods in Ourilândia do Norte, a city in the state of Pará, Brazil. She was found around 8:30 am on Sunday, November 19th. The young woman had only been missing since Saturday night, where she was seen at a party. Despite the short amount of time that she was missing before her discovery, the lower part of her face and her neck are completely eaten away. Most likely due to animal activity. The main suspect in the murder is her ex boyfriend, whom she was living with previously and who had also attended the party that Saturday.

The worst thing you can be in Brazil is an ex girlfriend… or a Da Silva.

ON A SIDE NOTE: I updated this post with some new pics. Check it out. NOW!!!

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18 thoughts on “16 Year Old Found Dead in the Woods

  1. I remember when that happened, it went all over the news here in Brazil. Her ex boyfriend, a guy named Cassiano, saw her with another man at a “pancadão” party and later that night, took her to the woods, tried to fuck her, she refused and then he stabbed her to death. He went crazy, sliced her face off and eated it. The dumbass is in prison now.

    • I’m sure he’s doing fine there. Hey @braziliangurl I see you just joined the site. Welcome aboard! It’s always appreciated to have someone who can provide details, translations and what not. Two quick questions: What is a “pancadão” party? And why do some gangs call their machetes “peixeiras”? I saw you mentioned that in the post where that gang member got shot in the face and as a fan of words would be curious what the English translation would be. Hope you’re doing well.

      • Hi, thanks, i’d like to help whenever i can! Well, a pancadão party is a party where people gather with modified cars that have huge sound amplifiers and sound boxes playing a type of music called funk. But its different from USA’s funk, it usually comes from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and its contents are basically sex and drugs. If you search for “anitta – vai malandra” on youtube, you’ll see what i mean.

      • And for peixeiras, it’s a bit longer, I’ll have to tell you a story: There’s a place here in Brazil next to the coastline that is very beautiful, the sea is transparent blue and there’s a lot of tourism, plenty of things to do. But has a lot of poverty, hunger and mostly thirst, because of the drought, the rivers continue to dry everyday (and where’s poverty, we can find ignorance and illiteracy, also). We call it “Nordeste” that means northeast. Mostly of the people there are fishermen, by fishing being their subsistence. Fish in portuguese is “peixe” and the knives they use to gut the fishes is called “peixeira”. Everyone there owns this kind of knife, so when they fight each other, they use the same “peixeiras” to gut each other. I guess that’s all ^^. My best regards!

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