Two Girls Found Dead While Backpacking In Cambodia

Natalie Jade Seymour, 22, from the UK and Canadian, Abbey Gail Amisola, 27, were backpacking through Kampot, Cambodia, in southeast Asia when they were both found dead in a hostel called Monkey Republic Guest House. The girls met last year while they both were travelling through Bali. Abbey travelled to Cambodia earlier this month and asked Natalie to join her sometime last week. Soon after Natalie arrived both girls became severely ill, complaining of horrible stomach pains. Natalie called her mother and told her that she felt very sick and had planned to go get something to make her feel better. The hostel manager claims that he tried to get the girls to go to a nearby hospital but they wanted to “sleep it off” instead. So the girls went to sleep but never woke up. There were receipts where the girls had bought over the counter medications shortly before their deaths. There were also several pills all over the floor of where the girls were sleeping, including opiates which are over the counter in Cambodia. Natalie’s last text to her mom was, “I dont feel well.” The police are still investigating the girls’ deaths.

Thanks to @MrsPink for the pics!

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31 thoughts on “Two Girls Found Dead While Backpacking In Cambodia

  1. I can’t believe it, Monkey Republic Guest House got such great reviews on Yelp! Now I’ll have to try to book a room at the Dengue Fever Dude Ranch.

    • @re-pete
      “Hey strange girl i met in Bali, let’s go to Cambodia together so we can take questionable pills that make our stomach hurt, then refuse medical attention so we can accidentally die in some random hostel together.” “Doesn’t that sound fun?” ???

      • I also think chicks Cambodian or partially and that’s probably why she invited her down. Who the fuck knows how long they were in Bali together.i know people take to me well and I to them so I’ve been known to jump on band wagons with people I’ve just met

          • @re-pete when you’ve lived the life I’ve lived, especially early on, you learn how to judge someone real fast and real accurately. It’s never been an issue. I can see a douche coming a mile away. Hello it’s me remember. No seriously I got this

          • @trainwreck
            Is it the way the talk, look, act or smell??
            I mean how can you tell when they’re a real ass head fucker douche?
            I can usually tell right away by the way they talk.
            Or by the way they write their articles *cough, cough*.
            No, I was really just coughing!

          • @re-pete It’s hard to explain but it’s a warmness in their face. The way they smile, the hardness in the tone of their voice, their facial expressions when they think no one is looking. People break character when they think eyes aren’t on them. It’s all in their subtle body language and voice. I’ve had to learn these things for my own safety really. Same with how people respond through the internet. I’m always paying attention. Like with *cough* someone else.

          • @re-pete Yeah! That’s a great way to put it. I’ve been let down a time or two but I think it’s was because I wanted more than they were willing to give or be. Even then I seen it but ignored it. I didn’t want to live a life where I was cautious about everything and assumed the worse out of everyone. That’s not realistic

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