Sick Fucks Gouge Out Eye of Dead Man

Sick Fucks Gouge Out Eye of Dead Man

Got a short video here of a couple of people removing a dead man’s eye. I have no idea why this guy was killed in the first place although it most likely had to do with drugs as usual. I don’t know if he was killed then beheaded or the beheading was the cause of his death but his murderers weren’t finished playing with him. Taking a big ol’ knife the man cuts out the victim’s left eye and seems to struggle quite a bit to actually detach it. The woman who was filming sounded like she really enjoyed the show. Perhaps this is what the young couples do these days for date night? I mean with that song playing in the background this could be a romantic date for all we know. I prefer eating McDonald’s and watching Netflix but who am I to judge?

Thank you to our amazing Pinkster!

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62 thoughts on “Sick Fucks Gouge Out Eye of Dead Man

  1. I bet this is exactly what Bryan Adams had in mind when he wrote Heaven and cheers to the love birds for not going with the cliched Cuts Like a Knife, oh but it feels so right.

    Getting a serious Michael Berryman vibe from the screenshot.

  2. No brain grease scraper or branding iron short of a dump truck can unsear that whole page from view! The only thing missing I’d care to add in order to be more completely immersed would be something within the skullfuckery realm, but I suppose that’s best left to the imagination.

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