Retro Gore: Ricardo Alfonso Cerna Shoots Himself In The Head In Interrogation Room

This one is an oldie but a goodie. Ricardo Alfonso Cerna was a 47-year-old Guatemalan immigrant who shot himself point blank in the temple with a .45 caliber pistol he had hidden in his waistband while sitting in a interrogation room in the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s office in Muscoy, California. Cerna was stopped for a traffic violation on December 19, 2003, by Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Parham. For some reason Cerna tried to escape and Parham pursued him. Cerna shot Parham twice in the stomach and was caught soon after. Although Parham did not die, Cerna was aware that he was going to have a third strike case which is a mandatory life sentence. So, instead of spending the rest of his life in prison, Cerna chose to end it with a gun he had snuck into an interrogation room. Three different law enforcement agencies were part of the chase to catch Ricardo Cerna, and not one of them made sure to pat him down and search him. Good job, guys.

31 thoughts on “Retro Gore: Ricardo Alfonso Cerna Shoots Himself In The Head In Interrogation Room

  1. Please please please can we have more retro videos, life goes so fast that we tend to forget the good old ones ! I remember one where the drug cartel lined up a rivals family all women and one by one they chopped them up really suck with me knowing that each one knew what the next person went through and they would be next !

  2. I thought he’d grown that lovely ‘stache for movember and the cop told him it was December and he should have shaved already so he shot himself out of shame…

  3. Stupid cops…he shot another copy in the stomach and yet they still didn’t Pat him down. Did these fuckers recover the gun used to shoot the officer? No? Well where the fuck did they think it went? Did he shoot him with his magic finger pistol? Come the fuck on dumbasses

  4. OMG LISTEN TO THAT BLOOD…’s pouring out like rain in the amazon, wow that is very crazy hear him exit his last breath he must have held it in while getting the gun ready man one second he’s alive drinking some water the next he’s dead wow i mean hey as harsh as it is it’s better than spending the rest of your life in prison with nothing to do expect wait for your life to end, that is how looking at a life tag makes me feel they’d rather kill themselves than continue which is true i’ve been to jail and i’ve seen lifers kill themselves its not a good feeling the whole jail feels dark and cold it’s almost like you can feel the grimm reaper entering the jail coming to take her away and then you have this looming darkness that overwhelms the population and you realize that life isn’t forever, i mean the girls just stop everything no matter what they were doing before it happened the second they call lock down you know it’s serious. but damn this guy didn’t even wait till he got processed wow unreal.

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