Man Jumps From Building And Makes A Loud Smack

Happy Thanksgiving to all our US members! I hope you all eat til you’re sick then take a nap and eat some more.. aka my daily routine. What are you guys thankful for? I am thankful for Taco Bell, My 600lb Life, and faster Wi-Fi. Anywho, we have a man from India here who was not so thankful for his life, so he ended it. He jumps from a building that doesn’t look all that high, but he sure makes a big smack when he hits the ground. It doesn’t look like too big of a mess though. We’ve seen worse.

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33 thoughts on “Man Jumps From Building And Makes A Loud Smack

  1. That’s so parkour!

    If any of you are feeling lonely this Thanksgiving just make sure to bring your turkey up to 165 degrees before stuffing it.

    My oven broke last month so I’m thankful for Lysol.
    And leftovers.

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