Man Speaks Ill of Prison Gang and Gets His Unjust Desserts

A convicted man testified against a gang called PCC, complaining that they have too many perks inside the prison and he wanted the judge to put a stop to it. When the man was placed in the prison, he found himself without “perks” of his own and he was cornered by the gang members he had testified against and beheaded. The first video shows the man standing before the judge and making his case. The second video shows the man after he had been caught and beheaded by the gang. And from the way they treat the head, it is obvious they don’t take kindly to snitches. I don’t know if the dead man was from a rival gang or if he was just sticking his nose where it did not belong.

Props to the Pink!

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32 thoughts on “Man Speaks Ill of Prison Gang and Gets His Unjust Desserts

  1. His name’s Thiago Gomes de Souza. He was complaining about his prison cell conditions, saying he had no bed, no light lamps, his mother couldn’t visit him at times because of such conditions, while the PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital) members had it all plus TV and could play football/soccer inside the prison. He was in prison for 1 year and 3 months, he was condemned for assaulting and raping, and he was responding for two more assaults and for 155 (robbing or stealing, not sure). His nickname was Relíquia or Relic. Left school at a young age. Used to be a drug addicted. And now’s dead.

    Killed by PCC for God knows why. But since he was guilty for raping, other criminals doesn’t really like rapists, and when I say that, I mean they hate rapists, he could of been killed for that.

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