Two Men Executed by Gang Members

Here we have a filmed murder of what I’m gonna assume are either rival gang members or drug dealers/addicts who fucked up in some way. First video shows the beating of one of the men, who is shown to have a hideous head wound when he turns onto his stomach. The video cuts right as the gang members go to work on the second man.

Second video shows the aftermath of the murder. The two men in a ditch being hacked at while the murderers stand around and talk shit. Typical Brazilian shit. Anyone who wants to translate what is being said, is always appreciated. And props to the Pink!

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11 thoughts on “Two Men Executed by Gang Members

  1. 1st video:

    – I left him agonizing
    – This is B.D.M.
    and he mention the number “three” to refer to themselves.
    – Look this other dude here as well.

    – We are “three” too, brother

    – Shut your mouth
    – Leave him agonizing
    – Take it easy, leave him agonizing, soon we’ll take the another one, leave him watching.
    And asks the victim:
    – You will not tell, right?

    – No, no, no, no…

    2nd video:

    They call themselves Bonde Do Malandro/Maluco (Didn’t understand very well) and “big three”. And they say “they tell us to kill, we do kill”.

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