Foreign Object Removed From Eye Socket

Foreign Object Removed From Eye Socket

Happy Monday everybody!! It’s almost turkey day for us ‘muricans’! @yournextexgirl will try to say it’s ‘you stole the natives’ land day’ but without us they wouldn’t have those lovely casinos so I believe it all worked out in the end. Today, we’ve got a video that falls under the eye category although not quite as cringy. A man’s left eye is almost swollen shut and doctors make an incision under the eyeball into the orbit. After some digging around and a little shimmy they manage to pull out what looks to be a large piece of glass from his socket. Based off the color it looks like it came from a beer bottle which leads me to believe he got in some kind of bar fight. No clue if that’s actually what happened but that’s my guess.

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39 thoughts on “Foreign Object Removed From Eye Socket

  1. A BAR FIGHT……REALLY??? Feeling a bit judgy are we @littlefoot? ?
    Is it too far fetched to believe that this kind- hearted man was possibly taking the last bit of clean drinking water to his ailing mother, having to travel miles on foot through treacherous terrain, braving the unrelenting elements and fierceness of the wild? Maybe the ONLY WAY he could carry the precious, life giving water was in an old beer bottle he found lying around. Then maybe he tripped on his way back home and the bottle was smashed causing a shard of glass to enter his eye? Poor guy ?
    Or MAYBE he was taking a thanksgiving turkey to feed the hungry and needy children of the nearby village and took a short cut through the woods to get their sooner and end the suffering of these poverty-stricken, starving, angelic children much quicker, only to be savagely smashed in the face by a vicious, thieving, beer bottle wielding, goddam, motherfucking, alcoholic BEAR who wanted his juicy ass turkey?!!
    The possibilities are ENDLESS! ?
    I forgive you Littlefoot, but let’s try to be a little more open-minded in the future and a little less Judge Judy-ish, mmmmkay? ?

  2. While immigrants oppose most everything about their new location, it’s hard to tell if the shard of glass was foreign or if it brought up a decent argument to object to its eviction from its lodge in a local dialect. I thought it was brown so it could be a local. I couldn’t hear it say anything that gave up foreign or domestic origins, though. Whenever there is a foreigner objecting, they usually don’t understand local customs. Perhaps there was a late rent payment issue, violating the lease agreement for the lodge and so it had to go.

  3. At first i thought this was another “The fun things you can find in random people’s assholes!” episode… but how did a piece of glass got stuck so deep in the eye anyways? 😐 My eyes hurt from watching this one… and the music made me sleepy… thanks alot… 😆

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