Man Is Shot In The Head And Has His Skull Blown Off

No info at all for this but daaaaamn.. look at his skull. It opened up just like a delicate little flower and shit. Okay, maybe not so delicate but it did open up. No info on who he was or why he was shot, but most of these kinds of videos have the same backstory. Dude was in a gang. Rival gang captured him because he did something stupid. Rival gang kills him and films it as a warning to others. The end.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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66 thoughts on “Man Is Shot In The Head And Has His Skull Blown Off

    • “Worthy enough” ?. Would be cool to have more heads around here for sure. It does be pretty quiet round here, when I pop over anyways. But hey, I’m sure this place will keep growing faster and faster, hopefully.

    • @derkopfsammler
      People are so pathetic to still fall for that shit. You’d think after the 20th time of threatening to end the site and needing money people would catch on but they’re too desperate to stay in their delusions. The most pathetic ones are the people who know exactly what he’s done but choose to stay over there because they think they’re hot shit now. I’m sure they’ll read this since they stalk the site.

      • True. Looks like whatever i said here stirred up a shit strorm while i was working my night shift and sleeping, and apparently i got ghostbanned from there, oh well. 😆

        Hey Illegalretardedsmile, i know you’re reading this, or Dre for that matter, so this message will work both ways for you:

        First of all, did you do this shit just because i accidentally had deleted you from my “friends” list in there? Sorry about that, i was working and forgot to notify you. 😆 Secondly, i never claimed to have any sides, so how does that make me a “traitor” anyways? That site is riddled with shit and drama, making this one a better one at preventing that, but im here and there just for the gore, not to make friends, and specially not to play fucking “fortresses” like a stupid brat, and attempting to instigate a “war” just because of little shit, or just out of boredom is pretty pathetic, so grow the fuck up, will you? You’ll live longer that way, trust me. Also, good job checkmating yourself, you literally wasted mod’s effort to NOT make this site public to the audience there, so thanks for the free publicity, retard! 😀
        And Dre, anything i said about your site here was based on Mark’s information about the site “dying”… for the 20th time… 😆 and i shall quote him, “moving on would seem like the appropriate way to go.” , but apparently the people have short memories on that site, dont they? Btw, i have no grudges against you, you allways treated me well, and i respected you back, we’re both adults anyways, but all the circlejerking in there is absolutelly cringy…

        • @derkopfsammler
          Well said! Plenty of people go back and forth from site to site and we never had a problem with that as long as no one was bringing drama here or trying to steal our content. They obviously think any ideas differing from their toxic ones are to be eliminated. It’s pathetic. And I said the same damn thing about the free publicity….thanks bitch! And what a perfect example of a hypocrite….stalks this site, takes your comment and posts it, turned her back on all of her friends and talked shit about the people whose ass she now licks and yet wants to say we’re backstabbers and stalking the site? Hahaha gimme a break, it’s amazing how delusional people can be.

          • @littlefoot that place is like being in a campus with all the libtards and feminist nutcases all toguether… Except worse, and the feminists are actually closet faggot MGTOWS… 😆 i’ve seen assylums with less derranged people though.

            I did tried to remain neutral in all of this, just taking whats logical and right, but as with all of nature demands, anything that becomes too unnatural is bound to cause natural reactions. In this case i was unjustified back there, so now i hold massive grudges against that retard that is having a middle age crisis, and i just wish i could hurt that site alot now… 😀

          • @derkopfsammler
            It’s a shit show over there. I never get on there but did after I heard what happened to you and my god i don’t remember seeing so many emotionally unstable, backstabbing, keyboard warriors all at one time. They try to pretend they’re friends and a family but that ship sailed a long time ago. The vibe is even worse than it was before.

            I always appreciated that about you to be honest. You have your opinion and even if we don’t agree you’re never pushy or dramatic about it. You’ve been more than fair to both sides never choosing one over the other but you make one accurate comment and they decide to kick you out for ever questioning or calling out their bullshit. It’s a joke. They think they’re special and different when they’re sheep just like so many other but happen to be on the other extreme side. They’re all so desperate to belong and feel like they’re a part of something special and rebellious that they’re willing to live in their delusional world of douchebag being a good guy who wants to make a change and doesn’t want to profit off of the site and gives real news. One look at that place and sweet baby Jesus am I glad I’m not a part of that anymore.

          • They keep saying they’re against sheep but blindly following anyone makes you more of a sheep than a real ass sheep.

            I am actually quite glad they’re stalking us. That means we aren’t cringe worthy and actually quite bearable and perhaps even entertaining. I can’t say the same when I go there. In fact, I avoid it. It’s cringe worthy and it makes me feel stupid. Nothing intelligent comes out of there. Not from its ‘elite members’ or it’s owners.

            $5,000 for a laptop hahahahahahaha get the fuck out of here. That can buy you a military-grade, rugged laptop like Getac which he doesn’t have a use for. He’s gonna probably just use it to buy some child sex slaves over some third world country that he so much ‘hates.’ I highly doubt a laptop can be operational for a while after it gets wet. It either works or it doesn’t. But apparently, his ‘loyal’ members won’t know that because they can’t tell if they’re being lied to. They are exactly like Peter Popoff.

          • @staciejaxx
            Anyone that buys that laptop bullshit needs to have their head examined ??
            It honestly amazes me how far people will go into their delusions to avoid facing reality.

            And those idiots talking about people here stalking the site when they literally just proved they come on this site….my god I can’t handle how dumb people are sometimes ????

          • @littlefoot , Thank you 😀 And im glad that crap is over. I wasnt banned yet for some reason, i was just “muted”, but i needed cut that site from my routine anyways, so all is good. The hypocrisy of their notion of “freedom of speech” was already giving me cancer, and the cult-like mentality was too toxic for my taste already… You only have the right of oppinion there if:
            1 – Youre not a female;
            2 – You think the same way as they do;
            3 – You kiss Mark’s ass daily and worship him on a little homemade shrine. 😆


            With less than 2000€ i’d buy an high end laptop from RoG… or i’d order one built from scrach on the same store my sister got her’s. 😀

          • Hey Dre, you put a lot of energy into this donation thing.
            Please keep that same energy at church this Sunday for the starving children and families at the donation center ?

          • @derkopfsammler
            Hahah you’re exactly right. The amount of hatred towards pretty much anyone that isn’t exactly like them is insane. It’s a complete cult now and they don’t realize that that mentality will eventually lead to their downfall. They think they’re important but no one gives a flying fuck about that site. I’m happy you’ve cut out the cancer ?????

          • every one of you commenting in this thread is pathetic and I don’t know who is worse, the whining rejects of years gone by or you @der as you were a regular BG contributor up until few days ago and now you whine how terrible it is? I don’t blame @illegal for calling you out ,it was incredibly shitty for you to laugh at the prospect of BestGore closing it’s doors at the same time laughing in the face of thedre. and to all those laughing and whining over Marks failed electronics why in the world is it any of your concern? whether funds are for large screen TV or a case of popsicles shipped in dry ice? I’ve been a part of the community over there for a better part of a year and never once seen him ask for maintenance funds or membership fees and quite honestly even today he isn’t.
            you are all just bitter at being cast aside and seeing the site thrive without you. pissy bitches hunkered down in your little fort throwing rocks at a guy who, but for his very presence, would never exist and now you’re gonna blast the people of the site? by the looks of it, make up 50% of your own site.

            if BestGore ceases to exist due to Mark’s health, monetary issues or any other None of Our Business reason. sure could be nice to have an alternate site to have some fun and fellowship at a quaint corner of the internet. alas, you’ve all proven yourselves to be the pissy whiners that got you tossed from the site to begin with and years later you haven’t even doubled your acquisition? telling.
            your dimly lit candle is a mere flicker in the towering inferno known as Best Gore. I could spit and take you all out. laugh on that , peons
            #echo echo

          • @desp

            Der Kopfsammler complains about how Best Gore is run but apparently you haven’t seen it but you can see it here. The reason why you don’t see it in Best Gore is because you can’t see it. It is either the person is banned, the comment is in moderation or it is deleted. I frankly think that if you are just around for a year or so, you have no authortty to speak as you can’t possibly know everything going on but we believe in free speech and not the false idea or illusion of it, not like your beloved Best Gore. Thedre is laughable, at best. If you want to defend him, go ahead. He is a lost cause. He’s robbed face front and he doesn’t realize it but go ahead. Condone his actions until Mark bleeds him dry. That is none of my business and not ours either.

            He doesn’t ask for maintenance funds because there is not much to maintain. He makes money from ads and donations and seeing his website, it doesn’t cost much. His revenue relies from people who are sending him content and them stealing directly from us or from Documenting Reality. We aren’t stupid. We make websites too, we know the business he is in.

            I don’t frankly care how he spends the money idiots send them for whatever justifiable causes they think it would serve however that doesn’t mean he is not subject to criticism and some good ol’ college jabs. You obviously are worked up by it by calling us pathetic by commenting on this thread. In case you haven’t noticed, you commented on this thread too. That makes you no better than the rest of us ‘pathetic’ people. Shame that was your opening statement. It’s like poking a hole in your own condom.

          • @desp But yet, you sound just as bitchy and bitter about what anyone here has ever said about anything!
            Stop trolling dumbass.
            Btw, I thought you weren’t gonna be commenting here anymore, but you just can’t seem to stay away!

          • yes, but you see I can stay away. it’s been honestly 5+ months since I scanned these halls. this site doesn’t offer anything I can’t see at LiveLeak or previously at Best Gore. I’m not here to be malicious asshole . you do you. I just felt it necessary to slyly stick up for my comrades and judging by the fact I had to slip into another ISP to even post this my time is done. how’s that for free speech?
            #donations always welcome

          • @desp I am just going to say this to you and then you can get your ass out or I will do it for you. I work too hard on this site for you little followers to bring drama to it. You look really stupid defending shit you know nothing about. Dre is a moron. He admitted Mark scammed him and yet he BEGGING people for money. Absolutely begging. Let me ask you something, @desp. You know dre, yeah? You see his grammar is terrible, yeah? He does not know where to use commas,he does not know where to use apostrophes, but that whole Fundraiser bullshit forum post was absolutely perfect. Even with bold letter that dre has no clue how to use either. But it sure did look like Acneska’s writing. They are using Dre for his need to belong to scam people out of money and that is what you should be outraged about. And your little friend illegalsmile55 aka Lisa is a dumb backstabbing cunt. This is how much of a great friend she is. She did the same thing we did and was so excited about this site before it was up and running but when ahe saw an oppprtunity to be somebody over there.. which she wasn’t when we were there.. she chose to stay and try to be queen bee. Which is just pathetic. You are a sheep. You need to open your eyes to what Mark is doing. He is scamming people because he doesn’t want to get a job. You need to look a little deeper than what you see and hear on Best Gore. Now.. You can either go or I can get rid of you

          • @desp
            Aww wittow baby bitch doesn’t like it when we criticize his daddy. How cute. Go back to sucking their dick you little shit stain. Better yet try disagreeing with them on something and see how that goes. You’ve been there over a year and think you know shit? Lmao what a big boy you are!! Come back after about 7 years of membership on that site like many of the current members here. Have fun licking mark’s unwashed ass

          • @desp Fair enough, so you do feel the need to” stick up for your comrades” , I like that, well that’s what people do, but over there, that’s not what its called, is it?
            It’s called bitching and very ban worthy too.

            Those links that were given above, just proves that none of us are better than the other.

            Btw, given the loyalty you have for your comrades, I’m pretty sure that means you would’ve reacted the same way that these ladies here reacted to all the BS that went on that day, so you really can’t judge because you weren’t even around yet.
            You joined about 3-4 months after..

            I guess it’s just easier to judge when you get to the party late, hear about what happened, not know what’s been happening, not actually know any of the members that were involved, and then come up with your own conclusion.

            It just makes me wonder if you would’ve defended your fellow comrades that day as well, had you been there.
            If you did, well then you would’ve got the boot too.

          • very true @repete as I didnt view in real-time what caused the founding of but I can read the(ir) aftermath smack in the preface. I am not naive I know detractors can and have gotten deleted, that’s the glory of webmaster. what my focus here is solely on @der laughing in the face of Mark and his struggle. no one can deny Mark has fought an uphill battle. what I can’t deny is what I clearly see here, today, with my own eyes.

            @nextexgirl? @thedre is indeed goofy but what he lacks in punctuation he makes up tenfold in character and heart and lol his forum posting screams himself. acneska sits pissed you feel she had any input on that flow lol. the link you posted speaks nothing to mark screwing him out of money, if anything lends credence to the fact he got taken by a company not Mark. if he can overcome the loss ,why not you? as to illegal? wholly unclear what that email was meant to prove or disprove. I do know this @illegal is a total riot and she, hands down, would be welcome at any site I ran. she is *my* muse.

            I don’t doubt you work hard at your site but what do you folks put up? 10-12 posts a week with 700 followers? one of which is me and I require maintenance merely once in six months = 699.
            now imagine 40,000+ members with 20+ weekly posts with constant barrage of ddos attacks and emails from every Tom, Dick and Harry and Me. would be nice to see cash flow for the angst and if you think porn ads generate anything more than a server payment and a candy bar you are more foolish than that of your whine

            p.s. @littlefoot I am a girl. suck my tit*

            *your failure to thrive is on you

          • Well suit yourself, desp. Whatever you want to believe in is the least of my worries and I don’t think I need your opinion (or analysis) about websites and how to run it…or simply just websites in general. Let’s just say your figures are wrong estimates. What you did is no more than a foolish attempt at displaying your knowledge, or in this case the lack thereof. It’s like getting medical advice from a quack doctor.

            Pete’s point is not your naivety, it is your ignorance. You don’t know what happened then and most of what happened then was talked about a year ago and certainly not anymore now. You’d have to skim and scroll through a lot to get the gist of it, which I assume you wouldn’t really want to do since it is not exactly a fruitful endeavor and frankly, not your business to begin with. You don’t even understand the point of Nextie’s screenshot. It’s really sad you choose to defend them. I think your attempts reek of desperation to belong to a group of people who are just waiting to stab each other in the back.

          • @yournextexgirl
            She/he who the fuck cares to remember is legitimately retarded, I almost feel bad. Perfect example of someone who has all the answers right in front of them and refuses to see. Dumbasses like her/him/it belong over there

          • @desp

            I’ve been complaining about that site’s growing degeneracy for the last year, but alas, you all just remembered that i still presisted there now. All i “contributed” for on that site was just by commenting, i avoided the forums like the growing fuckfest cancer it is everyday, and i avoided giving my opinion on any crap in there. And stop illuding yourself, i didnt laughed at BG closing its doors nor did i laughed at TheDre’s face (hes just naive, but it doesnt make him a bad person, not like the most of them), i just ment to use that as a point to bring a few more people that i look forward to to this site, you know, letting them know theres an alternative to that cult you call home… I remember when they used to “filter” who they let in that site, now its just overgrown. I was unhappy with how things got “sort out” in there, and i didnt even had the chance to defend myself in there since i was just muted just because some psychopatic retard on its middle age crisis suffering from a paranoia episode decided to trow shit at me like a fucking cringy feminist blaming males for existing and stepping on the same floor as them, for absolutelly no fucking reason at all.

            The site has its issues and was never adressed to, in fact its just going downhill. Ohh and btw, if it werent for Mark to make that site, others would take its place. It might shock you that there IS and WAS OTHER sites like it arround… i know, its very hard to believe! 😆

            Ohh and by the way, remember that you’re here now discussing all of this, if this had happened on BG and you had that tone talking to any of the mods in there, you’d have been booted already, just keep that in mind. 😀

          • here is what I know Kay. I know it doesn’t take an IT degree to realize there is huge difference in maintaining a site the size of BG versus this. what I do not know is what big falling out was over but can clearly see it led to nearly every set of boobs, figuratively and literally fleeing to here, I came to this site 5months ago and was literally “found the women” lol so I can kinda deduce .you gals are far too sensitive. fact! here and there I have stumbled upon examples ,one I remember reading was (a) lady’s health issues and she and girl squad couldn’t stop chattering over it and blew it up into big mess and someone if not all stomped off sobbing I am leaving and not coming back if I can’t monopolize comment section with my health woes.(drama!) .k..was weird. I also recently read a comment where one of you jump all over brokeback for being ‘insensitive’ because he mentioned your tits. wtf? must have been fun times over at BG with rigoremortis in the house, about same as in here. let me too mention I have disagreed with many characters over at BG and never banned for it or censored. ever! it is a fun engaging place when not a total sissy

            as previously mentioned I don’t like it here . I will go . I wish you well on your endeavor (too bad I don’t like you or I’d mean it) actually I will say this obli actually seemed to be only one to come off cool to me but the women they wrecked you. I won’t call you a pussy in your own house but what the heck happened to you. hope you at least got laid out of it

            take care oh and I would also be remiss if I didn’t make mention of latest expat, @cherry!
            Congratulation’s, @nextex You are ,going, to have ‘So Much’ fun with this one she Doesn’t like illegal either & Her use ‘of’ punctuation rivals Thedre ,&, don’t be Shy cherry tell everyone how ‘You’ are pre-Med and wel’l save your sexual indiscretion’s for ,when, you need that boost. shes’ a hoot “that one” have Fun ?????????

          • @desp Dre’s character is two-faced and his heart is fuckin’ weak. How’s this for a caption on MediGore’s inglorious blah blah blah contest?
            “I’ve forgotten about the time I purchased merch and received nothing. I’ve chosen to ignore the many times I never got a reply to my desperate and slightly gay messages. Please send money to my home address and I promise I will forward all of it except of course the money I need for reconstructive brown nose surgery.”
            Not the most clever but funnier than anything the “students” of “best”gore came up with.
            You’re female ya say? Well, [h]ackneska is back at the helm and your second year as a member of the “community” is doomed if you do actually “stand up for your comrades “.
            At least there are gore alternatives on the internet. See ya again real soon. Or not.

          • I don’t even understand what you are trying to say with this. problem seems to be you are all living in the past that merchandise debacle happened over a year ago and only place is it even being bitched about is here. wtf?

            easy fix man. don’t donate. use money to buy fricking calendar

          • You are free to speak your mind here. You are also free to leave any time you wish. If you are unhappy, may I suggest the latter?

        • @desp
          In her defense, Nextie has a full time job, so she can’t be at the computer all day long.
          But there’s roughly 950 posts here in it’s first 15 months of existence , which isn’t bad for anyone with those numbers, considering BG had roughly 400 posts through it’s first 15 months.
          My point is, even BG started out a little slow, so nobody should even compare the 2 sites with their current numbers.
          It takes years and years for people to catch on.

          • @der I know my reply is falling into wrong thread but I trust you will see it. you indeed had big smile when you spoke of BG ‘dying’ then not long after referred to @thedre as ‘fan sucking cockboy’ . it was shitty and so are you. enjoy your exile. enjoy ,your, /cherry/?????????? ???? ?

            take care pete

          • @desp Thats because i didnt know it was he doing the fundraising shit, honestly i shouldnt be surprised though, but anyways… 😆 Oh and you should know me better to know that i allways laugh at death, no matter at what form, hence my big smile.

            You somehow sound butthurt because you lost Cherry, you keep mentioning her in almost every reply, was it that much of a big loss for you? 😛

      • @desp
        Jesus Christ bitch get off the site ???
        Your name is clearly short for desperate because you seem desperate as fuck for attention and to fit in over at bg. You’re too damn stupid to understand what anyone is saying, probably because you’ve been a member for such a short time. You don’t know shit about anything. Everyone including der has every right to laugh at mark’s dumbass attempts at getting money. The site has never once shut down and he’s threatened time and time again. He’s the boy who cried wolf plain and simple and not because of donations but you actually believe him which shows how ignorant you are. No one cares about you or your opinion, you don’t see that people enjoy fucking with you because you’ve shown how stupid you are talking about something you know nothing about. Go back to your shithole and keep sucking that crusty dick ???

        • @desp

          I cannot understand your reply to me and your powers of observation are mediocre and at best. I guess I can’t really blame you. You’re speaking your mind and I can tell you enjoy all the attention and drama. If you think we are sensitive and all those words that you mentioned, that’s ok if you call us that. If it makes you feel any better by saying that then go ahead. I really can’t take offense over something that is false. That would be ridiculous. I don’t really recall what you mentioned because it was probably insignificant. I am not really trying to change your mind over anything, I simply am just saying that none of what happened or is happening is entirely your business. You just jumped into the bandwagon with confidence on what you know which is, in truth, is not enough to make this entire discussion even worth something. Your input is invaluable as well. What you said there doesn’t exactly make sense.

          If you choose to associate with these…characters then you are all free to do so. I can tell you are older than me and I have no right to tell you what you have to do. I’d actually enjoy if you leave. You are an unwelcome guest after all. You are taking advantage of our platform to speak ill about us. Try to do that on Best Gore and see if you can do it. I am pretty sure you aren’t banned. You are on their side after all and I don’t think you would be any point of interest right now or anytime in the future. You aren’t exactly an asset and I doubt you ever would be.

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