Retro Gore: Syrian Girl Commits Suicide By Hanging Herself

Do you guys remember this video? It was easily the one hanging video that always stood out to me. A young Syrian medical student named Batalibh filmed her suicide by hanging back in April of 2012. The most noticeable thing in the video is the decerebrate and decorticate posturing(the movements in the girl’s arms/hands/legs/feet). It is caused due to damage to the brain stem. The girl did not leave a suicide note, so she did not give a specific reason as to why she took her life or why she chose to film it, but she was clearly very determined to die.

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@arturmolodets for finding it. Like I have said before, if there is a particular video that you liked and think it would be a good addition to the site, just let me know and I will do my best to find it and add it. 🙂

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        • @deathoverdue Well every couple of months, just know that doing it won’t only end your life, but you’ll destroy many lives around you as well.

          It’s better to live, that way you can enjoy the fresh air on certain days, tasty foods and drinks that you like, the smiles that you create for your family, The Walking Dead and also your daily gore.

          I mean that’s enough to stick around forever man!

          • @deathoverdue @re-pete
            My sister did this almost the exact same way the day after Christmas. She used a wreath hook on a door to attach the ligature. She took a bunch of her pills and Fireball shots and either did it like in this video or fell asleep and gravity took over.

            I too have had thoughts of taking myself out of the tax pool, but have been way too chicken in the past. Also, the religious upbringing said that people who kill, including suicide, don’t get into heaven. While I seriously doubt I would get there on my own merits, and I question if it really even exists at times, I could never bring myself to jeopardize that possibility.

            It’s now been a little over 8 months since this all went down for my sister. Knowing everything that has happened to the survivors, including my nieces and nephew (her kids), her granddaughter and just other people who knew her in general, I am heartbroken by the swath of emptiness she created. She was an involved mother. Had she known the impact she makes and made on all these individuals that were in her life day in day out, week in week out, I don’t think she would have been that depressed. Someone just Facebook messaged me about a week ago. She expressed her grief and sadness that she does not see my sister at her job when she goes to patronize the establishment.

            So when you think you should end it, I don’t think you should. You are making an impact on someone, somewhere. Suicide is a very selfish act. There are people counting on you. You might not know at the moment, but there is.

          • @joeflaccosunibrow
            Sorry you had to go through that.
            I feel horrible for her kids.
            My sister used to talk about ending it, but she said having kids kept her from going through with it.
            Her thing was turning the car on with the garage door closed.

  1. Wow it took her quite a while to die. ??
    Even though she didn’t cry out I wonder if she felt any pain as she was dying. ??
    I have considered hanging myself on some of my darkest days because I thought it would be quick and easy. Just the break of the neck and that’s it. Maybe it took her longer because of the way she did it. I wonder if she did it that like that because she knew it would take longer. Shrugs ??‍♀️
    Because she could of put what she was using up higher, and kick the stool away.

    • @darkkitty A lot of masturbaters have died doing much the same thing as her, so if you can just stumble into it while giving yourself a giggle it’s hard to imagine that it’s a bad way to go. As the kid’s say “rock out with your cock out” or the ladies “jam out with your clam out” The worst thing about doing it without whacking off is that you have time to think about it and that’s the most painful part.

      A lot of people who try to break their neck with rope fail and are left to suffocate in a similar style and the ones who are successful still have to wait for brain death they just don’t have any way of showing it. Also, you have to deal with the pain of crushing your throat.

  2. I always thought if I were to commit suicide, this is how I’d do it. Not after watching this. A little more gnarly than I was expecting. Seemed like she was alive a lot longer than one would hope to while trying to end it. Ouch.

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