Woman Gets Ripped in Half in Crash

Terrible crash left a man dead in the cab of his truck and the female passenger ripped clean in half and tossed on the roadside, muddied with tits out. The woman was identified as Gislain Silva. She dropped the Da but alas, it was not enough to escape the curse.

Presented are the aftermath photos, no video of the accident taking place but we have video filmed by a passerby in a car that captures all of the destruction and a quick glimpse of Gislain’s corpse on the road.

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20 thoughts on “Woman Gets Ripped in Half in Crash

  1. “…ripped clean in half and tossed on the roadside, muddied with tits out.”

    That sounds like instructions to make one of those new cutsie club drinks this wall-hit ( 😆 ) da Silva would have probably ordered. A Slippery Nipple variant, perhaps.

    • Road head gone totally wrong. One moment your getting blown by your hot girlfriend driving down the road shut your eyes for a second to moan and skeet…next second your crashing violently into something.leaving her ripped in half and your dick and load in her mouth. Remember guys: 1 eye on road, 1 hand on wheel, and 1 on back of her head.
      The more ya know ?

  2. Accursed ,”SIlvas” always meet a gory end .Wish she had thought of getting rid of that surname which only spells DOOM for anyone who tags it to their name .
    From a “Beautiful she” to “Beastial she ” is what now her half self looks to be .
    I wonder if her boyfriend was a chain saw freak!

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