Tag That Image! #45

Tag That Image you Inglorious Gorriors! And check out last week’s winner and runners-up here!


“Ever since the hurricane my laptop has taken a shit. So it’s just me and my phone and this hamster. Hopefully you guys still want to stick around and talk about giving me money. So I can enjoy the jungles and gerbils.” Anonymous ?


“Would you fuck me? I wouldn’t fuck me.”
-Buffalo Billsbury
Gerbiling on a much grander scale.

10 tokens for snapchat.
50 tokens for live show.
75 tokens for a personal swab.
No requests without tipping.

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47 thoughts on “Tag That Image! #45

  1. Tonight on Unsolved Mysteries we’ll explore a 200 year old murder mystery in New Hampshire, A new mysterious passage in the Great Sphinx, and the unexplained disappearance of one family’s beloved rodent, Bacon, last seen burrowing towards this man’s prostate. If you’ve seen Bacon or this man’s prostate please call our toll free hotline.

  2. My laptop gave up on me, after 10 years, this is my home my room bathroom, and my new toy, leave messages keep in touch.

    I’m not going to post for awhile until I get donations from you to buy a new laptop, I’m living in a country where nobody talks to me, and everyone thinks I’m weird, wish I could go back to Canada nobody wants me helppppp, anyway I have a new friend what do you ladies and gents think.

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