Gun Seller Accidentally Shot By 11-Year-Old Boy

On November 10th, 2017, a man and his 11-year-old son went into a gun shop in Amman, Jordan, to purchase a rifle when the seller was accidentally shot by the child. The video shows the father of the boy speaking to the seller while the boy picks up a rifle and points it. The seller had apparently left a bullet in the rifle from a previous use of the gun. Thinking the gun was unloaded the kid pulls the trigger, shooting the seller in the chest. The father was definitely in no rush to help, he gets up and runs in the opposite direction. At least the child looks as if he is checking on the injured man. No info on if the gun seller died or not. If he survived, maybe next time.. I don’t know.. check and make sure the guns aren’t loaded?

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27 thoughts on “Gun Seller Accidentally Shot By 11-Year-Old Boy

    • 1,The kind that doesn’t want to die for lack of shooting back.
      2,He probably did but didn’t think a 12 year old in the Levant would shoot him without saying his Allahu akbar’s first.
      3,The best damn gun dealer in town.

  1. Lol fuckin kids…he prolly didn’t know gun was loaded,BUT still typical young boy psychopath behavior aiming the gun at the guy and pulling trigger…saying “pew” under breath.
    I learned as very young boy ya NEVER point a gun at someone loaded or not. When walking with rifle,either have it pointed down or up against shoulder like soldier…case it goes off. (Dad and bro were hunters).

  2. Hahaha ……………instead of the gun seller I wanted the bullet kissing that bald – pate of that egg head and ricocheting back and forth scaring the shit out of that brat .
    What fucking kinda kids can there be who are so bloody reckless that their nuisances make their parents proud .
    Why can’t they be just handled the way they need to be .

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