Brazilian Man Hangs Himself In Front Of Family

I don’t have much info and the money shot is cut short but a Brazilian man with a rope around his neck is barely hanging on by his hands and is threatening to let go and kill himself. I’m not sure if this is his wife/girlfriend or another family member but she is clearly trying to stop the man from hanging himself. I don’t know what is being said but as soon as she looks away for a split second he lets go and steps off of whatever he is standing on. The video ends way too fast but the info I have says he did end up succeeding in ending his life.

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27 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Hangs Himself In Front Of Family

  1. She should’ve held onto his legs, that may have prevented his neck from snapping.
    He probably still would’ve been squirming around trying to stop her from cutting him down or while trying to untie him.
    That’s a tough spot to be in! Fucker should’ve done it by himself out in the woods or something.

  2. Translation:

    Woman: “João, you’re not crazy, get down from there… João, get down from there, im serious, get down from there, João… João, im serious, get down from there…”
    (the man mumbles something)
    Woman: “Come, get down from there! By the love of god, get down from there, come on…”
    Man: “Let me get down… Take your hand off from there…”
    Woman: “No, take that from your neck.”
    Man: “Take your hand off and ill get down!”
    (From here they just repeat the same couple of sentences in higher tones untill he actually “gets down” for good 😆 )

  3. Too much of a theatrics there ..but that thud of the object he was standing on sounds exhilarating .Imagine wasting time in committing suicide.irritating Gods of Death but at last it happened finally.
    Was the big bum trying to rescue or simply was a cause in kicking that stool the fool was standing on.
    Cheers for the big bum in bringing the curtains down!

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