Thief Shot in Both Hands with One Bullet

Here we see some street justice performed on a man who was caught stealing. The man is forced to put both of his hands together and is then shot through both with one bullet. Normally we see these guys indulging in the overkill, but this guy seems interested in saving rounds. Kills two birds with one stone. Gotta give the thief some props though, he takes it like a champ.

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14 thoughts on “Thief Shot in Both Hands with One Bullet

  1. Wow ! how methodological….kinda of cash saving streak there !! Now as we know that every thing is getting dearer by the day not that the bullets would cost heavens but in my opinion what the guy did to the stealer with a single shot to both the hands is pretty innovative .
    Street Justice …..well defined the Brazilian way

  2. None too worried about bullet fragments splintering off and getting embedded in ones feet it seems. Also…the thief should’ve had his hands held one in front of his face and the other behind his head and THEN the bullet fired through his hands.

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