Thief Attacked By Pit Bull After Breaking Into House

I. HATE. Thieves. Stealing someone else’s shit is one of the lowest things you can do, in my opinion. And whatever happens to you while you are in the process of trying to steal.. you deserve. Like this idiot. He apparently broke into a house somewhere in Brazil to steal shit but ran into the family guard dog.. which was a pit bull. Do I even need to tell you what happened next? The dog started attacking the man, biting him over and over.. mostly in the face. Part of his lip is literally hanging off. I have no idea what he is saying but I assume he is trying to explain himself. Either way, he is gonna be feeling that for a few days.

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45 thoughts on “Thief Attacked By Pit Bull After Breaking Into House

    • Ohh fuck… i didnt knew the sound quality was that shitty… But i’ll try:
      (I believe the video starts with the owner talking in the background, he mentioned something about “…at my home…”)

      – “Hey, where do you live?”
      (I dont get what he replies)
      – “What were you doing at this citizen’s backyard?”
      – “I wasnt stealing anything… i was only trying to get… (didnt get it)”

      (The sound quality is so bad in here that i can barelly understand what they are saying on the next few seconds, they mention some “pistol” but i cant confirm if thats actually what i heard, they also mention that he jumped over the wall)

      [Third guy, probably the owner] – “Shut your mouth… let me speak. You climbed over the (…) of the wall and you jumped out, then you jumped inside. I saw you (…), stop being a liar, you bastard!”
      – “But its true… i didnt wanted to steal anything (…)”.
      – “But no one knows who you are in here!”
      – “No… i have…” (hes immediatelly interrupted by the camera man)
      – “OI! (…) just talk to me, what were you gonna do inside? You were gonna steal and things went wrong for you.”
      – “No i wasnt gonna steal… i wasnt gonna steal…”
      – “But things went wrong for you, the dog caught you!”
      – “No i wasnt gonna steal anything…”
      – “You were gonna steal the (…) of the dude, and the pitbull jumped over you. You knew there was a pitbull to get you?”
      – “No… i didnt knew…” (he then mumbled some shit i didnt understood well)
      – “(…) look what happened to you. You see? Thats what you get for other’s backyards. Isnt it true?”
      – “Yeah its true…”
      – “And you wont be jumping backyards again?”
      – “No, i wont do it again, the first time i…”
      – “And you wont be doing it again?”
      – “No… no…” (once again he tries to mumble some shit i dont get)
      – “And you work on your own?” (I think thats what he asked there, and really dont understand what he replies after.)
      – “And what were you doing at a time like this with a bag on your bike, a bag, and then you jumped over there?”
      (i dont get what he mumbles here)
      – “You were gonna pick up some coconuts???… At a time like this you were gonna pick up some coconuts!?…”
      (mumbles again)
      – “And why didnt you came to pick up coconuts a bit earlier? What were you gonna pick up, coconuts or what?”
      – “It was just coconuts…”
      – “You came just to steal coconuts, dude?…”
      – “Not to steal… i was gonna ask for some coconuts…”
      – “YOU WERE GONNA ASK?! How were you gonna ask after jumping a wall, damn it!?”
      (I dont know what he answers to that…)

      This guy was a terrible liar as you can see… 😆

  1. Ha Ha ! By Dogs …………. that chunk of clotted blood laced to the flesh makes the thief look like a vampire already ….fucking freakster to have broken in to someone’s house for an easy loot . and ended up paying dearly
    As for the baby pitbull I give five stars for tearing apart that meat from his ugly face.

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