Woman Destroyed By Train

I don’t know about you guys but I have always wanted to see this angle of a train suicide. We always get the aftermath and never the before or during. So, here it is. A woman is sitting on the train tracks in India waiting for death to smack her right in the face. And she got it. I slowed the video down a bit at the end so we could see it a little better in slow-mo.

ALSO: I added another video to this post.

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12 thoughts on “Woman Destroyed By Train

  1. I thought the train whistle was about to break into old time sad luck harmonica music. As for sitting on the track like that I’d be scared shitless, I think I’d just lay my neck on the rail.

  2. I can only imagine this as an Annoying Orange episode… 😆
    – “Hey, hey indian! Indiaaaan! Hey! Hey, indian! Indian! Hey!”
    – “WHAT? What is it!?”
    – “Train!”
    – “Huh? I dont need training…”
    – “No! TRAIN!!”
    – “Huh?… *squash*”
    – “Ewwwwewewewewww… haha… poor indian.”

  3. It’s kinda strange that you have 4 people right there watching this unfold, and not one of them seemed concerned about what might happen to her.
    She either wanted to do it and they excepted it and let her, or they made her do it some how.
    I’m not sure I wanna know.

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