Ass Swallows Up Foreign Object

Ass Swallows Up Foreign Object

It’s Monday which means it’s time for some weird medical stuff. When it comes to fucked up shit, random objects being pulled out of an ass is some of the best entertainment. Not sure if it’s a man or woman but they decided to use a jar to get off. That or they went through some serious hazing. The doctor managed to get the lid off first then really had to dig in there and shift that bootyhole around to wiggle the rest free. I’m sure the patient insisted they just tripped and fell on it….perfectly logical explanation. I don’t understand sticking things up your ass if there isn’t a handle of sorts attached to it. Same as those hoebags shoving bananas and cucumbers down their throat. Yes you can deep throat it but what if that gets stuck in there because you lost your grip? Safety first people!

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42 thoughts on “Ass Swallows Up Foreign Object

  1. I’m sitting here wondering what kind of person would do something like this when I realize it’s the kind of person who’d sign the release for this video. Talk about your win win.

    On a lighter note some kid’s dad just died in the ER waiting for these surgeons to get their fingers out of some guy’s ass.

  2. I wonder how long he spent trying to get it out at home before conceding defeat and heading down the ER… his heart must have dropped that moment he realised he was going to have to tell the lady at reception he has a jar stuck up his ass…

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