Thief Dies After Being Shot In The Chest And Falling Into A Pool

On Saturday morning, November 11th, two men decided they wanted to rob a home in Poconé, Brazil, when they saw the gate to the house was unlocked. When the two thieves entered the home, a woman inside the house saw them and started screaming for her husband who was asleep. The man jumped out of bed and grabbed his .38 caliber revolver. When one of the robbers opened the man’s bedroom door he immediately shot one of them in the heart. Upon hearing the gunshot.. the other thief took off running out of the house while the man who was shot stumbled around a few yards before falling into a swimming pool and drowning. He was identified as 19-year-old Patrick de Oliveira. Both of the robbers were armed.

This is where things get real stupid. When police arrived to the residence, they arrested the man who shot and killed the thief. He was due in court today(Sunday) to decide if charges would be filed or if it was ruled he shot the man in self defense.

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19 thoughts on “Thief Dies After Being Shot In The Chest And Falling Into A Pool

  1. That’s how it goes in Brazil. If you kill some asshole in self defense, you’ll face the Brazilian “justice” court no matter what. That’s why Brazilian cops are afraid to kill criminals, because media will go against them and will support the criminals, saying they were poor and had no other choice in life, which can lead the cop to lose his job or to get jailed, and the population will be brainwashed by the media and accept it as the only true, they will feel sorry for the criminal, until one of their family members or themselves get in the situation of being attacked by a criminal, then they’ll change their minds, but it’ll be too late.

  2. Did the pool cleaner pick the right time to quit or what? That’s probably why the guy had to go to court, to find out who was gonna clean that shit out of his pool.

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