Ukrainian Woman and Her Abhorrent Ass Growth

Greetings, Gorriors. The following photo set is from Donetsk, Ukraine and the woman featured is suffering from a terrible growth. Apparently, she was born with a vestigial tail and just never had it removed. It has continued to grow over the decades and has become the abhorrent mass that it is today. I suppose they will be able to cut it off but I wonder just how she has lived all this time with that gigantic ass parasite.

Thanks, Pinky!

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22 thoughts on “Ukrainian Woman and Her Abhorrent Ass Growth

  1. Either she has to prop that up with a tent pole or someone has to lift that for her to poo. Anyway that’s more like a vestigial mammoth scrotum than a tail.

    • I know what you mean, I feel bad for her too. Life can’t be easy for her carrying that thing around all the time. It’s like the worst chimpanzee butt ever! Bet she’s got a bad back, herniated discs at least. Poor woman. I wonder if she got it removed? I hope so…

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