Man Jumps From Apartment Building To Escape After He Was Caught Molesting Little Boy

Well here is some of that instant karma that we all love to see. Self served karma but that’s good with me too. Edgar Collaguazo, a 44-year-old man, jumped from a window on the top floor of his Jackson Heights’ apartment building in Queens, NY, on Thursday, November 9th, 2017. He jumped out of the window to escape after he was caught molesting a young boy who was celebrating his birthday. The parents of the boy were renting a room from Collaguazo when he invited 3 children into his bedroom to watch a movie with him, two boys and a 5-year-old girl. The young girl came out of the room looking upset, so the molested boy’s father looked into the room but saw no problems. A few minutes later the little girl’s mother(also the boy’s aunt) peeked into the room and saw Collaguazo sitting on the bed with the little boy on his lap and his hand on the boy’s privates. She yelled for the parents and the boy’s father immediately started beating the shit out of the man while his wife called police. They locked Collaguazo in a room and waited for police to arrive. When they opened the door.. the man was gone. He had jumped out of the window of the room and landed on an iron gate then fell to the ground. He was rushed to Elmhurst Hospital but could not be saved. The little girl later told police that the man had kissed her and told her not to tell anyone.

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20 thoughts on “Man Jumps From Apartment Building To Escape After He Was Caught Molesting Little Boy

  1. Why couldn’t that fence have had those spiked tips dammit!?!
    They need to be extremely sharp so bad guys can’t climb over. 🙄
    Actually what I mean is, we needed spikes, or no fence at all for this guy.

  2. Ha, I wonder if the fucker was some dude who just snuck in or if he was related to the kid in some way or maybe the father of one of the other boys and how the fuck he thought he wasn’t gonna get caught… but now that he’s dead I guess it doesn’t really matter. If only there were more instant karma like this in the world.

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